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West 80's Cheap Eats Not to Be Missed

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Any standout recommendations West 80's Cheap Eats - breakfast, lunch or dinner?

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  1. Barney Greengrass (well, ok, not super cheap, but in the West 80s and awesome)
    Flor de Mayo

    1. Celeste for cheap pasta dishes - cash only

      1. Scharffenberger Chocolates.

          1. La caridad is closed..

            I would also suggest Ali Baba

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              La Caridad is open - it's just 1/2 the space now. 78th/broadway.

            2. Thanks.. I appreciate the advice and will definitely pick it up myself next time..

              1. Barney Greengrass is wonderful, but it is NOT cheap.

                Ali Baba, for what it is, is quite expensive (although good). Kosher places always ssem more expensive. Perhaps ingredients cost more, and they have to close for a day a week. Ali Baba is worthwhile, though, for food it's hard to find in Manhattan.

                I like Flor de Mayo much better than Le Caridad. Similar stuff, similar prices.

                There is an Italian place called San Luigi that is quite cheap, but my one meal there was quite diappointing.

                1. A couple that are pretty cheap though not dirt cheap:

                  I love breakfast at Cafe Con Leche for the great coffee and toast, plus the hot sauces that are served on the side (be careful with the white garlic sauce, though, it's really intense!)

                  Also, not in the '80's but at 76th & Broadway is Nikos, which I have found to be reliably good in everything but their bread basket, which is reliably stale. Portions are usually very big. My mother requests this place every time she comes to town (which is often!) My favorite breakfast is the Eggs Nikos. For dinner she always gets the Rodos Yuvetsi, eats half and takes the rest home.