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Nov 2, 2006 05:59 PM

Unagi near Gardena?

Any recommendations for an restaurant that serves (non sushi) unagi near Gardena? I did a search but came up fairly empty handed.

Thank you.

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  1. I'm assuming you are referring to Unagi Don (cooked eel over rice). I'm not sure who has the best unagi don but Kotohira usually has it and I forget the name but it's in the plaza with Pizza Hut on Artesia and Van Ness.

    1. Sanuki no Sato on Western has it on their a la carte grilled menu as Unagi Kabayaki. It probably is not served with rice, but I'm sure that they can make it as a Unagi Don (over rice) if you asked.

      1. There is a food stall at Marukai Marketplace on Artesia and Western that has it. I don't have the name of the stall, but Unagi is listed on the large overhead menu.

        1. Thanks all. Just got back from Gardena. I gave my colleague the option of going to Sanuki no Sato or Kotohira, and she picked Sanuki no Sato.

          Although they didn't have unagi ala carte, we chose other dishes that were delicious. She had a spaghetti made from udon noodles with salmon roe and flying fish roe; she said it was yummy and finished every morsel.

          I had the cold yamakake soba which had a small dollop of wasabi, some greens, a quail egg and a lot of yamaimo. Both the broth and the noodles tasted fresh.

          The visit sent my colleague back home. She enjoyed the atmosphere as much as the food. Thanks all for your help! We'll be going to Kotohira on an upcoming shopping trip.

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            I'm glad you and your friend enjoyed Sanuki no Sato. I'm sorry that they didn't have the unagi. Maybe they only have it for dinner.

            Tha yamakake soba you had sounds yummy. Thanks for reporting back!