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Nov 2, 2006 05:49 PM

Oreo's - the post trans fat era

so a friend o mine was laid up in the hospital, and what does he ask for, but oreo's. i hinted around at fresh fruit, fresh baked goods, tasty ethnic treats, but no, he zeroes in on junk food. not even any junk food, but these things. what can i do? the poor guy had a stroke.

so i go buy a box containing 12 packets of oreos, and he takes half. now i have a bunch, so i try them. they're different. not as good as i remember. the dark cookie part is now more fractile, yet less crisp. just biting one causes radial fractures to run across the disc. this rarely happened when i was a boy. i could possibly accept this as a compromise if it had become an exceedingly crispy cookie, but in fact the opposite has occured. the cookie, well within it's expiration date, is now soggier. what gives?

of course, the partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is gone. now it is "high oleic" canola oil and/or palm oil. hmmm. more healthful, i suppose, than the old sickeningly sticky criscoesque synthetic lard they used to feed schoolkids, but somehow, something has been lost. the cookie, as a microcosm of human history, is stuck at half cycle. as i see it, the only way forward is to go back to organic butter and lard based baking, where a cookie should be consumed within a week and an hour's drive of its birth oven. yes, that will be more expensive, which means we will eat less as we eat better. what a novel idea.

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  1. My dad keeps them on hand for the grand kids. I'll check this out next time I'm there.
    If I don't suffer the same problems. Perhaps you need to make a trip across the boarder. I've been told Canadian Oreo's are better than the American ones.


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    1. re: Davwud

      No, I've noticed a difference as well. The President's Choice (Loblaw supermarket) brand tastes closer to what I remember Oreo's being long ago.

      1. re: Davwud

        It is true that Canadian Oreos are better (or at least different, according to my coworkers who will not admit the Cdn ones are better). I moved from Canada to the U.S. 11 years ago and the first time I had an American Oreo I was shocked by the difference. Ever since then I've been buying my Oreos from Canada. The biscuit is crisper and less salty and the centre is sweeter. I have not tried an American one since the trans fats were taken out. I can't imagine that it improved them.

      2. Funny you should mention this - I just said the same thing. I'm sure it has something to do with it being "reconfigured" I hadn't eaten one in ages (maybe years). My husband was having a craving so I bought a small 6 pack - better too few than too many.

        I thought they were awful. I was so disappointed. The cookie was not crisp the way I remember and it fell apart almost immediately, the filling was felt oily and seemed like an afterthought to the cookie. Blah.

        The only good think I can say is it made me be able to swear off Oreos forever. Now that I know what they've turned into, I can happily live my life without wondering if I'm missing them.

        1. This obviously doesn't answer your question, BUT.....I've just discovered Trader Joe's version of the Oreo....The Joe Joe. The ones with the chocolate cream center are REALLY good. Much better than any Oreo I ever ate growing up.

          1. I am not a big fan of TJ's but on the way to poke last week I needed to buy some root beer and TJ's on the way. After reading about Joe Joe's I tried a box. They are very good. Are they as good as childhood memories of Oreo's, nope. But after eating a box over a few days, I am sold on the taste and more importantly the ingredients.

            1. Originally the oreo "stuff" was actual lard and sugar.

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              1. re: rockhopper

                I didn't know this had happened to Oreos. I have one of those little six-packs that might come from before. I will eat them very thoughtfully now.

                I hate those TJ's cookies - ate one and threw out a whole box - but I like the Whole Foods store brand that looks like an Oreo. Sounds like I had better get to like them more.

                1. re: wombat

                  You mean the 365 brand? I thought the centers were too sugary and didn't have a creamy feel. My kids love them, though, because they come apart easily. Funny, I like the TJ's better.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    MMMMM. lard....
                    Looks like it was better for you than trans-fats though.

                    In SE Pennsylvania there are many local potato chip brands that fry them in lard. I eat them only occasionally but boy are they tasty.