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Nov 2, 2006 05:43 PM

Sapienza's Bakery

Anyone ever been to Sapienza's Bakery in Elmont, NY? Under the Kof-K despite open on Shabbos, all dairy....ordered a cake for my twins' birthday party and wondered if anyone had any experience with what's good...might wanna pick up a few goodies :)

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  1. Their pastries are excellent. They have delicious canollis and cheese danishes. They even have homemade Italian ices. I highly recommend Sapienza. It's only drawback is that they only have dairy products.

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    1. Sapienza is on Hempstead Tpke about a mile and a half east of the Cross Island parkway. Its next door to All County Open MRI (tan two story building) and a gas station (I think its a Shell). The cross streets are Crown and Covert Avenue.

      The pastries are great. When I pick up cannollis there and bring them to the office the people always remark that they taste just like from any other Italian bakery.

      They also have frozen pizza dough which you need to ask for as its usually kept in the back. We make great pizzas and calzones with the dough.

      1. found this listing in

        got an answering machine that just said "leave a msg" when I called

        Sapienza Bakery
        553 Meacham Avenue, Elmont, NY 11003
        (516) 437-1715

        1. [The ownership is such that it can operate on Shabbat]

          Visit in the summer when they have real Italian ices in the freezer. I understand that used to have bread products.

          1. Sapienza used to sell commercially baked Italian bread. I have not seen bread in their bakery recently. By the way, people in my community look forward to buying Sapienza's cheesecake for Shevuot since the bakery only has dairy products.