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Sunday Roast in London?

Can anyone suggest a great place for a Sunday roast in London? Maybe a gastro-pub?

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  1. I haven't found anything I loved yet, so I would be interested in hearing what others have to say

    1. Roast which is above Borough Market is excellent. Only been there once and actually opted for the fish & chips, but everyone else highly recommended the roasts, which looked gorgeous. My fish & chips was superb, and came wrapped in the FT, which was a wry touch (considering it was about twice the cost of a real chippie).

      For me, all the gastros are hit and miss. There is a good reliable old school pub near me in Stoke Newington -- The Rose & Crown at the top of church street, which does the classic pub roast. Also locally, The Prince on Kynaston Rd can be excellent, but have been off their game on my last couple of visits.

      1. If you want a "great" Sunday roast you're better off somewhere like the Dorchester Grill Room or the Rib Room at the Carlton Tower, than at a Gastropub

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          Totally agree with the Rib Room, Tony, but it's a tad on the pricey side. Simpsons in the Strand is rather less so, but has always been a good choice in my experience:



        2. The Sunday roast at the Thomas Cubitt is very good. The roast beef is 42-day aged, and will set you back £12.50. It's a very different proposition in terms of formality and cost from a grand hotel, but I've always enjoyed it.

          Edited to add: Forgot the address: it's on Elizabeth Street near Victoria.

          1. From the same chef that owns the Fat Duck in Bray... right down the lane is the HINDS HEAD HOTEL. Very Gastro!


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              I'd hardly say that this was in london - it's an hour to maidenhead by train!

            2. We like the Red Lion in Barnes for Sunday lunch, mainly for the roast chicken. For £19, two people get a whole chicken with all the trimmings _ roast potatoes, turnip, cauliflower and broccoli, plus Yorkshire pudding.
              They also do beef and either pork or lamb. It's a pub, albeit a bit gastrofied (which some people hate, but I like) and there are sofas, snugs, and open fires. It can get very busy, though, so be warned. Once you've got a table, you can sit there all afternoon.

              1. I think one of the great overlooked treasures of London is The Goring Hotel on Beeston Place

                Old school and all the better for it. A great bar with attentive service and good cocktails ( with lots of canapes being brought around while you drink )

                Their dining room was refurbished a year or so ago and is a lovely haven of tranquility. They have a traditional menu which is done well and without shortcuts and a sommelier who keeps quite a lot of bargain bottles.

                A lovely, lovely place



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                  After a 101 disappointing sunday roasts, even those such as at the Anchor & Hope (which is apparently recommended), husband and I came across New Inn pub near South Ealing (62 St Mary's Rd). We are IMPRESSED.

                  New Inn doesn't just serve great roast on a plate - its an authentic, full on carvery service that's oh so rare in London. The spread of meats include gammon, turkey, chicken, beef, pork and a vegetarian option - stuffed peppers with aubergine and cheese. And there are trimmings galore! The roast potatoes are unbeatable - golden and crisply done so the insides aren't mushy or chalky. On top of this, REAL yorkshire puddings with REAL gravy, cauliflower&cheese, roast parsnips, carrots, butternut squash...

                  A fabulous atmosphere too, complete with 2 dining areas and a spacious outdoor garden.

                  New Inn might be a bit of a track from Central London, but its well worth it.

                2. 95% of the time, i'm disappointed by pub roasts. The veggies are usually flacid, the meat dry and badly carved, and the gravy has an unsightly sheen to it. You can beat a well made home cooked roast.

                  However, I was very pleasantly surprised by the roast dinner at the Spurstowe Arms in Hackney.. We were a large party and had a beautifully tender whole shoulder of lamb plonked in front of us, with loads of amazing trimmings and accompaniments. The lamb just shredded of the bone and you helped yourself ( it didn't even need carving!) We also had a huge whole trout, stuffed with herbs, again served whole for people to help themselves. You might need to book ahead for this roast, but it's highly recommended if you're in a group.

                  1. I remember liking Lambert's in Balham. Portions were a touch small, but the quality was high.

                    1. Not sure where in London you're looking for, but if you don't mind making the trip to Parsons Green (near Fulham) then you might try The Establishment. It's got a smart retro vibe and is more like a bar / dining room than a pub.

                      Their roasts are great (today's was Galloway beef with all the trimmings) and there are great alternatives like beer battered haddock and chips, Aberdeen Angus burgers, and risotto. Pea and ham soup was delicious - totally smooth and tasty.

                      It's worth a visit for the cocktails alone (they love their gins and British ingredients like lovage and elderflower) and the puddings. My sticky toffee pudding with rum butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice-cream was incredible.