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Nov 2, 2006 05:35 PM

Best Pizza in Delaware County PA

We have been on a quest to identify the best pizza shop(s) in Delaware County, so I wanted to enlist the help of any local chowhound-ers...

I have tried many of the places in mid-Delco (Swarthmore, Media, Springfield areas), and been less than impressed. Mostly pretty bland and mediocre. I tried a place which I liked quite a bit called Gaetano's in Springfield on Baltimore Pike a few months ago. Unfortunately, it looks like they have closed shop (or maybe moved). I grew up with lots of humble looking corner pizza shops in NYC and northern NJ, which just seemed better than what we get around here.

I am NOT looking for "gourmet" pizza (i.e., "pizza" with lots of esoteric, unusual ingredients (artichokes, truffles, guava, you get the idea). I am looking for the best BASIC pizza (dough/crust, zesty tomato sauce, and high quality cheese) -- with an optional added topping. To me -- THAT IS pizza. The gourmet stuff is fine, but IMHO, you can't just throw whatever you like on a crust in a round pan and call it "pizza."

Anyway, what places do YOU like in DELCO?


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  1. Delco is a pizza wasteland, unfortunately. I grew up in Havertown and Boston Pizza was always our favorite, but it's been years since I've eaten there. I work in Media, and when I want Pizza, I go to Apollo, on State Street. I assume you've been there and were not impressed. And the less said about Little Anthony's the better. If you find any good places, let me know.

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      Thanks for seconding my observations. But I think there must be some decent places tucked away nearby... I find Apollo and Little Ant-ny's sort of mediocre. One place that I like when I go shopping at the Italian Market in South Philly is Lorenzo's (on 9th street) -- it's pretty good and cheap. Maybe a bit on the greasy side. But obviously that is not in DELCO. Let's see what everyone else recommends...

    2. My husband and I have been eating piza from Imperial Pizza in Secane for over 25 years! Ate it when we were dating, continue to eat it still. No fancy frills, just good basic pizza. Same owner and some of the guys are still tossing pies after all these years.

      615 South Avenue (diagonal from the train station)
      Secane 610-543-9393

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        Thanks. I'll put Imperial on my list to try. Any others you like out in Springfield or Media or Ridley areas?

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          and it still only takes "10 minutes" from order to pick up!!

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            I took you up on your recommendation to try Imperial. The funny thing is that I wasn't even planning on getting pizza, since I had eaten dinner an hour or two earlier... Anyway, I thought it was pretty good. And a great value at $5.50 for a pie! I'd say that Imperial was toward the top of the heap for DELCO PA. And they were very fast. Maybe they were already cranking out the pies, but I think they had be out of there in under 8 minutes with pie in hand. Thanks for the advice.

          2. We will occasionally order from Secane Pizza (925 Providence Road, Secane). Different type of crust - thicker - and smaller in size than Imperial. However, their prices have really jumped lately and I can't justify spending more money for a smaller pizza with less toppings than what Imperial serves.

            For South Philly style "box pizza" you can pick up by the slice, half or whole box at Caccia's Bakery (same people who back the rolls in South Philly). Two locations in Delco - MacDade Blvd in Folsom (parking is hard to find) and Baltimore Pike in Clifton Heights. Best to call ahead and order a whole box (which can be mixed). Their red with cheese is very good and their white slices are real garlicy. If just stopping in to pick up a slice or two, reheat on pizza tray in oven for about 7 minutes to freshen up and get the crust crisp.

            We used to eat at Pinocchio's in Media and liked their pizza but I understand that it is not as good as it used to be.

            Hope this is helpful!

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              I have never tried bakery pizza, but will give them a try. Thanks!

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                Sarcones Bakery on 9th st in South Philadelphia makes an incredible tomatoe pie. It reminds me of what Flacco's pies were like when they were up and running years ago.

            2. My family grew up on Imperial Pizza and still like the pizza alot and occasionally get it when in the area. Last weekend we tried SCIARRINO'S PIZZERIA at 19 N Brookside Rd (Springfield) for the first time and liked it..

              I also like Apollo in Media. I'm not a pizza expert (having grown up in this area), but I also like Swarthmore Pizza.

              1. I live in CC and work in Broomall. The best pizza I have found so far in the area is Italian Delite at 2052 Sproul Rd in the Wawa shopping center (right next door). It is better than anything I have had in the city (and I am a pizza chowhound). I actually just had a few slices of plain cheese for lunch. It is as good a thin crust pizza as you will get. Better than all the other places listed so far. I have had Apollo, Cocco's, Thunderbird (bad pizza, good grinders), Pagano's (football field sized tomato pie, incredible hoagie selection),Manoa, Pizza Odyssey (yuck), Joe's, Sciarrino's, etc. Nothing comes close. Try the white pizza with tomato and brocolli. Their cheesesteaks are equally good, but that's another post.

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                  I see a road trip in my immediate future. Thanks for the tip!
                  mchuchra: Italian Market. When my wife goes she picks up sicilian style pie at Sarcones. REALLY good.

                  1. re: juice

                    Thanks for the advice. You sound passionate about your pizza (as I am), so I will DEFINITELY try Italian Delite next time out. Sounds excellent. Can you buy by the slice there or only by the whole pie?

                    1. re: mchuchra

                      I second the Italian Delite. It is the real deal. Nothing in Delco comes close.

                      1. re: ecipenny

                        roseto pizza in havertown blows italian delight away....old style hand tossed. no grease....cold beer... hot pizza.. yea..

                        1. re: ecipenny

                          Where in Havertown is Roseto Pizza? Thanks. Judy

                      2. re: juice

                        I totally agree with you. Italian Delite has the best pizza, at least in the Broomall area.