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Looking for authentic Caribbean MSP

Hi guys-- I'm looking for good Caribbean food in MSP & already know about the Harry Singh family's places. I'm less interested in Jamaican places vs the rest of the islands. Ideas?

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  1. Babalu would be first on my list. www.babalu.us

    1. Have you tried San Pedro Cafe in Hudson?

      1. Have you tried West Indies Soul cafe in St. Paul? I found it to compare favorably to the West Indie place I used to eat at in Brooklyn.

        1. There is a place in Richfield called Aribel's. The owners and menu is Guyanese: 1120 E 66th Street, Richfield

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            Very heavy on the Indian influences, and very, ahem, downbeat ambience, but I enjoyed the food that I had there. I went for lunch one day recently.

          2. I would recommend either West Indies Soul in Saint Paul or Harry Singh's in Minneapolis. The latter is on Nicollet Ave & 27th (aka "Eat Street").

            1. What ever happened to Coconut Grove in N Mpls? That was quite good if you stayed away from seafood, but it has been about 2 years since I went.

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                I drove by the Palm Court several months ago and it didn't look like it was still open. Can't say for sure though. How terribly unhelpful is that?

                Marla's (Lake and Emerson in Uptown) is owned by Harry's Singh's sister-in-law (I think, just in case that falls outside the Singh family domain). They are from Trinidad, and serve both Carribean and Indian food, both are great.

                The Palm Court is on Central Ave NE, two doors down from Chiapas. I don't know which part of the Carribean they hail from.

                If you did want to try Jamaican, Jamaica Jamaica is on 38th and Bloomington and is really good.

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                  The Palm Court is indeed still open. Their cuisine is Guyanese. This being the only place I've ever eaten Guyanese, I don't have anything to compare it to. But I think they do a pretty good job. Guyanese food is an interesting blend of Indian, Chinese and African influences.

                  It might have looked closed because they are taking over the space next door and turning it into a banquet hall/nightclub. That's what one of the owners told me earlier in the summer.

                  Palm Court
                  2424 Central Ave. NE

              2. thanks for the great suggestions-- going to try west indies soul first this week, then others-- i'll report back! :)

                1. One tip on West Indies Soul - don't look at the menu on the wall, ask them to show you what they have today (it is also usually written on a plate in front of the register).

                  1. Haven't been there for awhile but Puerto Azul in St. Paul has pretty good Puerto Rican food. Guyanese food is very similar to the trinidadean(sic) food you can get at Harry Singh's.

                    1. Another "ditto" for West Indies Soul. Used to dine there weekly when I worked at the capitol but still make it there at least once a month. Best plantains in town!