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Nov 2, 2006 05:15 PM

Winter Squash Side Dish (to Go With AAB's Duck Legs w/ Port and Cherries)?

You guys were such an incredible help with my last post that I'm hitting you up again (I swear I do share my own suggestions, just on the Manhattan board ;) )....

For those of you who have been following, I'm making the All About Braising's Duck Legs with Port and Cherries this weekend for a friend's birthday. MS suggests a winter squash side, so now, I need a recipe......


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    1. Delicata Squash with a sage and apple cider glaze? It's made in a skillet and takes about 45 mins. I like to add shallots.

      I can post the recipe if you want. But that may be too much fruit/sweet on one plate.

      the duck sounds fabulous.


      1. Sounds great, but a bit too sweet. Actually might make some truffled (white) potatoes instead.....

        1. I think fresh sage, and shallots lightly fried in butter and then mixed with raw squash cubes (1") and baked at 400 until crusty but soft inside (1/2 hr.). salt & fresh ground pep. Simple, delicious, autumnal, a nice contrast with the sweet/savory duck. I think I'd like a thin sliced cucumber salad with fresh dill vinagrette to make it a threesome. And, since this meal is feeling sort of olde Vienna to me, I'd like to be see it served with thick sliced seeded rye bread and unsalted butter.

          1. Bake some squash -- carnival cut in 1/2, seeds scooped out, tucking sage and garlic S&P in cavity underneath hollowed out squash hollowed out side down on baking sheet with some water. (Alternately, peel and cube butternut squash & roast with unpeeled quartered onion and a couple unpeeled garlic cloves.
            Heat up some milk and butter. When squash is done, scoop out, put through food mill (or food processor) mixing in warmed butter and milk.