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Any word on Osha Thai in Embarcadero Four?

It's drawn a full and bustling crowd for lunch every day since it opened a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, the NY-ish deli across the way (good pastrami, knishes)isn't doing very well.

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  1. if it's the same osha thai as the one on valencia, it is great. good thai food in a pretty setting. i am sure you can't go wrong with eating there

    1. Same owners as Osha on 2nd St., on Valencia, and on Geary at Leavenworth. We had lunch there about a week ago and loved the food. It's different than the TL location, and we think the soups are better at the Geary store, but they did just open, so it may be early to judge. Service on 2nd St. is absolutely horrendous, and that was NOT the case at the Embarcadero. It seems like they're aiming for a more upscale experience at the Embarcadero. It's a lovely setting and there's an actual wine list (not amazing, but decent, and much better than nothing).

      The beef wasabi rolls are amazing. We also had an artichoke salad that we all loved.

      Check it out.


      1. I went once and found it to be okay but not as good as the one on 2nd. My co-workers have gone a few times since and they were not happy. I didn't get specifics but they feel the flavor is better at the 2nd street location.

        1. I have gotten such awful service at the 2nd street location that they could try paying me to eat there and I wouldn't. The food may be better in general just because Embarcadero has only been open a couple of weeks. This is one instance where I'd take a hit just to be treated competently.

          1. Thought I posted a report on this place but can't find it.

            Beef and artichoke salad was really good and a good value. Pork with big bunches of green peppercorns on the stem was tasty and interesting. Garlic pepper lamb was fine, not very Thai, kind of expensive for the serving. Also had some sort of unmemorable curry and a seasonal veg that were just OK. Friendly servers.

            Overall, relatively expensive for Thai, won't win my heart from Thai House Express but since it's open till 11pm (seven days?) I'll probably go there again after a movie at the Embarcadero. Not a bad option for a business lunch, either.


            1. I've been there twice since they opened. The space is bigger than the 2nd st one. Service is also brisk. I do have to say that I prefer the food in the 2nd St. location. Their pad thai tasted better for some reason.

              1. Tell us more about the NY-ish deli across the way. You like the knishes? Hot pastrami? Anything else? I work in the area, so I might prefer this to more Thai food.

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                1. Not worth trying unless you want to empty your wallet and like vinegary salty food.

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                  1. The food is pretty decent (pad see ew is good), and food comes out amazingly quick. Good group place as well.