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Nov 2, 2006 05:08 PM

Looking for a great restaurant in Santa Monica for Sat night

My boss is looking for a restaurant for Saturday night in Santa Monica. Any suggestions. He's very picky. Thanks.

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  1. I am guessing you want high end--

    Axe (on abbot kinney in venice)
    Via Vennetto
    Piccolo Capriani ( 5 dudley in venice)

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    1. re: Amanda Enclade

      Personally, I don't think Axe is on par with the other restaurants on that list. Lots of pretension, uncomfortable chairs, deafening noise, and hit-or-miss food. I've given them many shots to prove me wrong, but alas I remain disappointed.

      To that list, I would add Joe's in Venice, Chinois on Main Street, and Michael's in Santa Monica. All are excellent, reliable restaurants.

      1. re: glutton

        I would add Chaya Venice, Whist, and Capo to that list

    2. for more mainstream fare and good drinks/wine list, I'd say:

      Josie (a bit more inland in SM)
      Cafe Del Rey


      1. Personally, I think Jiraffe is the way to go -- they have a really good selection, pricing wise it's pretty safe for an upscale meal (i believe capo, chinois and michael's is more expensive) and it's not too overly hip. That said, I haven't been to Whist yet or Josie for that matter -- heard excellent things about Josie, just never have made it over there.

        Here's Jiraffe' website --

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        1. re: Silverlaker

          Have been to both Jiraffe and Josie recently, and while I like Jiraffe fine, I think Josie is better. It's a more sedate decor-wise (quietly comfortable, sort of Hancock Park private home traditional) and the food is really wonderful. Best trout I've ever had.

          1. re: ThatPat

            I'd pick Josie for the food alone too - but Jiraffe is much more accessible to the Promenade, the Mall and the Pier, in case the boss wanted to engage in some activities before or after dining.


        2. I really like both Melisse and Jiraffe, but if your boss is the kind of person who wants to spend A LOT of money for GREAT food and feel EXCLUSIVE, he should go to Capo.

          1. Drago is always a solid Santa Monica Choice.

            If he is from the real old-fashioned, fuddy-duddy school of "picky," I would recommend The Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica. It feels like a restaurant right out of the "Leave It To Beaver/Father's Knows Best" Fabulous 50's with prices that are just above modern-day Tokyo.