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Nov 2, 2006 04:58 PM


Now that it's been open for a couple days, has anyone been?

Reviews? Thoughts?

Is it only dessert and sake, or is dinner served as well?

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    1. Thanks. But, like I wrote above, does anyone have any reviews or thoughts, or know much about the menu (offerings other than dessert)? The old thread actually doesn't answer those questions at all.

      1. they are not open yet
        their website says nov. 6th is the grand opening

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          except, as the above-referenced thread notes (and is i believe the case), they are currently open in some capacity. I just haven't gotten there yet, and I'm wondering if anyone has, and what they can tell me about the place.

        2. i live in the neighborhood, so i stopped by on wednesday night. it is mostly desserts, although there are some appetizer plates as well. we had the warm mochi chocolate cake, the rice pudding, and a few cocktails. they have a large sake menu, too. everything was delicious! the space is warm and attractive, and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. i'll definitely go back.

          1. Just to report on the place. I just visited the place today. The space is very nice, a little loungey and a tad more upscale than the rest of the neighborhood. Probably a great date place. You have to walk through the bar and the open kitchen into the dining space, which was hidden from the street. My roommate and I shared the warm chocolate cake stuffed with mochi and the sansho pepper tofu cheesecake, and 2 drinks. Of the two, the cheesecake was more successful, and it was dense and rich, but not losing the slight nutty taste of tofu, further accentuated by the sesame flavored cookie base. The gingered fruit that accompanied the cake balanced the richness of the cheesecake. The pepper acted more as an accent than a core flavor. The warm chocolate cake was fine, but the mochi did nothing to add to the dessert, both in terms of taste and texture. The green tea cream that topped it is probably better if it was icecream.
            The drinks menu is large, and there were a lot of shochu and sake on it. Service is friendly and unrushed, and the free glass of raspberry cocktail was a very nice touch.
            With 2 v. small desserts and 2 generous drinks, we paid $40 before tips. You pay for the ambience and interesting menu, but unless I'm going there with a date or a small group of girlfriends, the price is slightly hard to stomach. But I would be back to sample the rest of the menu, just praying portions would expand a little more.