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Satsuma Tangerines: any sightings yet?

Hello.. The satsumas are perfect fruit: rind/skins so loose, you can practically peel them with one hand; super sweet and juicy; small and pretty; no pits; and if you retain their green-leaf stems, they have powers of good luck! When in season, I can easily eat a dozen of them in one sitting, and do so 7 days a week. I reside in Los Angeles and have not yet spotted any, but would be interested to know if they've cropped up anywhere yet. Thank you in advance...

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  1. Hamada had them at the Ferry Plaza farmer's market in San Francisco last Saturday. They are the early ones. They grow in Kingsburg so you should see them soon.

    1. I spotted a small pile of them at one stand in the Santa Monica Farmers Mkt yesterday, but they were mostly green!

      1. A big load of large and fine-looking satsuma mandarins was available yesterday at Marina Supermarket on Chestnut Street in San Francisco.

        1. I got some for my Halloween brunch this past week at thes supermarket (I decorated them like mini pumpkins! :))


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            Remember which supermarket, Dommy? Thanks...

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              Albertsons in the Marina! :)


          2. They've been at the Studio City Farmers' Market for two weeks. They're still not QUITE ripe. I can't wait until the Paige tangerines come in -- those are tiny and PERFECT.

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              OK, that's good news. Can you please direct me to the Studio City Farmer's Market (nearest cross-streets) and the day upon which it is held? Many thanks...

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                Sundays from 0800 to 1300, Ventura Pl. between Ventura Blvd. and Laurel Canyon Blvd. (behind the WaMu, across Laurel Cyn from Vons).

            2. The ones on my bush/tree are still ripening as we speak (or type) ...

              1. For even better tasting mandarins/tangerines, look for the Pixie, Lee and Paige varieties at your local farmers markets. All three are sweeter, juicier and more nuanced. Satsumas have had good press and are like the "Fuji" of apples (slightly different yet becoming more common).

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                  Paiges won't come out in SoCal until after Christmas, more's the pity -- they're really a very late-season fruit.

                2. No such thing as a "tangerine". That's some meaningless marketing term coined in the 50's. Botanically it stands for nothing.

                  In Japan three weeks ago I had some mikans. They were a bit early this year. They were fantastic!