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Nov 2, 2006 04:24 PM

Corporate Gifts

I'm looking for a gift to send clients for Christmas. $30 per gift, need about 50 gifts. Gift has to be non-perishable as I will be mailing it to different states across the country. I want the gift to represent the Bay Area. So far I thought of Reccuhiti Chocolate, Scharffenberger, Peets.

Any ideas?

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  1. Have you thought about Bi-Rite Markets. I did about 30 baskets with them a couple of years ago. They used local food-stuffs and the baskets were a hit.

    1. How about some Napa Valley wine?
      Also, at the Farmer's market you might find many locally produced items suitable for gifts. Off the top of my head I want to say there are granola and organic jams.

      1. has a great assortment of gift baskets featuring many Napa/Sonoma wines and Ghirardelli chocolates. Its probably not as good as making the baskets yourself but you'll certainly save yourself time and trouble.

        1. $30 dollars doesn't buy much wine or anything else especially if you are outsourcing from someone to do this for you. But, inside your basket, include a cd of Tony Bennett- I left my heart in SF. I love this cd, and everyone tries to steal it from me.
          and since your funds are limited a nice bottle of wine maybe.
          So I say make it yourself.

          1. draeger's does a great job with corporate gifts. i used to use the ladies in menlo park, who always stayed within my budget and put together beautiful baskets for our clients. i think the custom baskets are only in san mateo now, but they'll ship wherever. they're also on top of what is allowed to be shipped to what state (sometimes, you can't ship alcohol etc).