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Nov 2, 2006 04:18 PM

Nanaimo Chow

I am from Toronto and heading to Nanaimo on business for 3 weeks.
Looking for quality food and good only covers so much.

Game meats and quality wine list are nice bonuses.

Any Chowhounds out there have some good suggestions for me?

I hear that the Discovery room is good at Malaspina Campus. Is this true? would be convenient as I am working on campus.

Thanks for any insights.

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  1. The Discovery Room is good, culinary arts students working out the kinks, no atmosphere, but great for lunch meetings. Desserts are yummy. If you are at MUC, make sure you go to the lower SAB for bakery items, incredible prices for wonderful carbs and sweet items.

    Close to Nanaimo is the Malahat Drive (a mountain highway). On that highway (about an hour from Nanaimo) is a very nice, but expensive resort hotel called the Aerie. Delicious and inventive west coast food. Stop at Cherry Point Vineyards on your way back up the island for a nice bottle of red for the hotel and you will be a happy, snoozy camper.


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      The Aeire is 60 miles south of Nanaimo. If you are planning a trip to Victoria it might be worth a visit.

    2. The food at Acme is good.....burgers and fare like that. Also, if you have a car, there is a great pub at Yellow Point...

      1. Wouts13, if you are looking for a fine dining experience and want to blow the company per diem in a hurry Mahle House is my pick. I have had exceptional meals every time I visit.

        For bistro faire, try heading downtown to the old Nanaimo section and Wesley Street Cafe. Simple menus, I believe a prix fixe menu during the week as well

        Make sure you bring home to Toronto some Nanaimo Bars for the office as well. You will be adored

        Good luck and safe travels in the Hub City

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          Thank you urika. definitely looks like I can blow the per diem and then some at these places. I'll let you know after I check them out.

        2. We just got back from a couple of weeks on the Island.

          Although we stayed overnite at the Coast Bastion we did not get out for dinner electing to take it easy and enjoy the view afforded by our room and some room service.

          However it was two or three years ago that we stayed a couple of days in Nanaimo and very much enjoyed Glow World Cuisine in the old firehall in what I think is the Theatre District off Victoria.

          We dropped into Acme on Commercial en route back to our hotel and it was certainly "rocking and rolling" complete with a 4 piece band. Definitely would try it if back in Nanaimo for any length of time.

          That trip we did try to get to the Mahle House but had no luck in getting emails or telephone calls returned so said the "heck with them".

          Wandered up Bastion into the restored old part of town and checked out the menu at the Wesley Street Cafe which looked quite decent. Then wandered over to the deli-"foodie" store across the street McLean's [?]which is very nice.

          1. DEFINATELY the Mahle House ~ Nothing else compares ~ They are open Wednesday to Sunday, and offer three adventure nights ~ Wednesday is a five course tasting menu, Thursday is a five course tapas menu, and Sunday is a three course country dinner ~ all are amazing, and in addition to a regular menu ~ the wine list is excellent and the quality/presentation/value of the food are the things that bring us back over and over ~ It's a little out of the way though, but well worth the drive, and if you are staying close to Mal U, then you just get on the bypass and take the Cedar exit ~ Check out the website ~ Enjoy!