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Nov 2, 2006 03:54 PM

Harold McGee has a blog!

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  1. Now this was the best post I read today on CH!

    1. WAY COOOL. Food geeks now have access to The Man!

      1. YES! Thanks so much for alerting us to this; I didn't even think to check if he had a blog. I'm not really a blog reader (need to keep my computer use to just moderately insane), but his, I will follow!

        1. He's not much of a blogger--six posts in August, one in September.

          1. Harold McGee is at the top of my list of food writers. His explanation of the why of cooking appeals to me personally. If I understand it, I can do it. Every Easter I pull out his book to get the perfect hard boiled eggs.

            Chow had an article by McGee and I'm hoping they will have more in the future.

            Thanks for the blog link.