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Nov 2, 2006 03:36 PM

New Sushi of Gari on 46th Street.. ripoff...

Wandered into Sushi of Gari on 46th Strett last night and found it totally unsatifying. For a number of reasons that can all be classified under"poor communication."
First we had to ask for a menu after about 8 minutes of just sitting there. Then we were shown the rules for Omakasa, and their large leather bound menu with scant few choices. After not seeing much we were interested in, we asked "do you sell sushi by the piece? and do you have a menu for that?" At which point the waiter brought over another menu from which we could create our own meal. Meanwhile:
everyone around us was getting fabulous plates of the most anmazing looking fish.. large portions too. So we went with a pedestrial order of Sushi reglar and Sahimi dinner, figuring that would be quick and easy, and added 2 peices each of Giant Clam and Uni. But the waiter told my wife that if she wanted to order Uni as sashimi, she would get two pices and be charged double..Never heard of that before.. so we opted for uni as sushi...Okay..
And when the plates it the table, the pieces of fish we so small, the enire order could have been on two appetizer plates. I mean really small pieces of fish. Tiny.
So we asked a nice lady sitting next to us how she got the wonderfull stuff on her plate and she explained it thus:
"It's not on the menu, and it's done by the chefs at the other Sushi of Gari and you have to know that they do it, and then ask them to do it here. It's on the Japaneese menu, but they won't tell you unless you ask."
So if a person walks in, and looks at a menu, they're supposed to be able to divine that there's food "not offered on the menu" and order that, if they want to have the full Sushi of Gari experience...
I would have been happy with my order if the pices of fish were even HALF the size of the special stuff they were delivering to the people around me..I said so much to the chef. He just smiled as if to imply "I don't quite understand you.".. Left unhappy, $100 poorer and still hungry..What a rip !

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  1. I just went to sushi of gari on 46th and had a similar problem. however i will still go back. seeing as they are open only a short time ago, they are about par for a new restaurant (still working out service kinks etc.). I also didn't want to do omakase (not hungry enough) and wanted to order some of the omakase menu items. So what I did was just pointed at the items at other people's plates that i wanted. I ended up having some excellent sushi and had a chance to try the pumpkin tempura (On the menu and excellent) and the marinated / broiled black cod (on menu...excellent). I just waived over the waitress and asked her what various items were. She also did an excellent job of explaining what the items were. So from the omakase menu: we ordered the seared tuna with marinated onions / garlic chips on top, the mackeral with some kind of turnip / radish which was excellent, some kind of fish topped with a mushroom mix, and fluke topped with spicy ceviche. Of these my favorite was absolutely the tuna with marinated onions.

    1. my daughter and her husband ate there last week and had a similar experience..only they spent 150 and were starving!