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Nov 2, 2006 03:12 PM

any thoughts on shanghai gourmet on mott st?

my parents are in town and craving korean-chinese, esp. ja-jang myun. i've been to that place on 35th st, thought it was pretty good, but they're staying in tribeca and don't feel like going uptown, much less out to flushing. opinions on shanghai gourmet or any other chinatown locale that might offer a good bowl of ja-jang myun to satisfy my korean p's? thanks.

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  1. if shanghai gourmet is the place a few doors down from mandarin court on mott - between bayard and canal then i love that place! yes it is a tiny hole in the wall...but it is so good! i grew up eating shanghainese food and this is one of my favorite places to go with my parents. (although the shaghainese restaurant on bayard street next to the ice cream factory is much nicer looking , the food there doesnt compare!) one of my favorite appetizers on the menu is this fried rice cake - not the little round discs that are stir fried, but sticky rice that is molded into bricks about the size of a dish sponge and deep fried. i do feel that the scallion pancakes are better at the restaurant next to the ice cream factory, but the one shanghai gourmet on mott is better overall!

    1. My husband and I used to go to Shanghai Gourmet all the time (2 years ago) but don't make it down to Chinatown much anymore. It's one of the best places in Chinatown I think. But I've never ordered or seen Korean food there. The soup dumplings are great.