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Nov 2, 2006 03:06 PM

Recommendations for good chow in Phuket?

So my Thailand vacation is coming up and I'm searching the web from restaurant tip on Phuket island.

Has anyone recently been and good things to report?

We will be staying at the Mai Khao Beach all the way up north close to the airport. But we'll have a rental car and as always are willing to travel for good food... :-)

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Absolutely go to Baan Rim Pa. It remains one of the best meals of my life.

    1. we usually stay on Patong beach...Yes it's touristy and it's crazy but it has its charms. The food in most of the tourist restaurant there are pretty standard.( amazing compared to US Thai restaurant, unremarkable compared to a decent restaurant in that country) 2 best food experience were
      1) a little hole in the wall eatery on the back street directly behind holiday inn. (Pee Road, I think)
      2) an old lady walking around town, carrying 2 baskets with mysterious ingredients, and makes a kick-ass green papaya salad (som tum).

      1. oh yeah, "Dang Restaurant" is really good. On a street that runs parallel to Patong Beach, roughly 2-3 blocks back from the Haagen-Dazs.

        So starting at the Haagen Dazs which is on the main street along the beach, head away from the beach 2-3 blocks and it'll be the next big street you see. It might be left a block.

        Get the crispy garlic chicken.

        1. I just got back from Phuket two weeks ago. I stayed at the JW Marriott, which I suspect is where you are staying. Surprisingly, the Italian restaurant at the hotel I thought was decent. Among the various alternatives offered for breakfast, the Deli at the hotel was the best, but breakfast there will not be deemed included in your rate -- you should check carefully with the hotel. The best meal I had at the hotel was the meal that I made at the cooking schoool. I can't recall any good meals outside of the hotel either.

          1. If you go to Patong Beach, be sure to eat at Sea Hag
            Best food I had during the month I spent in Thailand.