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Nov 2, 2006 02:59 PM

Chef Change at La Bastide???

The Wednesday San Diego Union Food secttion had an article on "belly" (pork, swordfish, tuna, etc.) that quoted Patrick Ponsaty and said he was "formerly chef at La Bastide." I have been a big fan of this place since it opened. Does anyone know if Patrick has, in fact, gone elsewhere?

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  1. It looks like he has left indeed
    Longtime San Diego favorite Patrick Ponsaty has left his executive chef post at Scripps Ranch's Bastide. Ponsaty, who opened the restaurant, had a huge following for his simple bistro-style cuisine. He has not yet announced what’s next but plans to stay in San Diego.
    — Pamela Wischkaemper
    Posted 10/25/06

    1. He is the new chef at Bernard O's in Rancho Bernado. The owner Bernard Moughel is retiring and a little Gascony bird told me that Patrick is buying the restaurant. This is unverified word of mouth but I do know that he is now the chef there.