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Nov 2, 2006 02:39 PM

Musa or Kalendar - which one?

Trying to pick a dinner spot. Not too pricey, not too formal, nice food but nothing futzy. A friend has recommended Kalendar, and reviews make Musa sound interesting. Help me decide.

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  1. My experiences..

    Kalendar - loud, dark, a great place for some comfort food and a nice bottle of wine, but not a lot of privacy.

    Musa - great tasting menu, it is more diverse than Kalendar with bigger flavours, and plenty of appetizers.

    Kalendar has a bit more of an 'atmosphere' and it is pretty relaxed. It's defnitely not formal or pricey, and neither is Musa. I think the difference really will be the ambience and food. Musa is more flavourful (But not all the dishes at Kalendar are bland) and Kalendar is more intimate. hope that helps.

    1. Where is Musa? and what kind of food is it?

      1. Musa is at Dundas and Euclid. The food is middle eastern.

        I prefer Kalendar of the two, better atmosphere, I find the Kalendar menu more diverse and I have never found Kalendar loud.

        1. Love Musa. Although I would not broadstoke the food middle eastern

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              Musa does not appear to have a website, but this review from NOW sums it up pretty well:
              The atmosphere is casual, the service is personal and informal, and the food is terrific.

              1. re: estragon

                That's it, then. I think we're going to go there. Will definitely report afterward. Thanks all!