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Nov 2, 2006 02:30 PM

Specialty wine/spirit shops in Toronto?

I'm looking for a specific type of Taylor Fladgate port (called chip dry - it's a white port) that we bought originally in Portugal. My mom loooves it and I thought it would be nice to surprise her with some for Christmas. However, the LCBO does not carry it, and in fact doesn't seem to carry any (or many) white ports at all.

Does anyone know of any specialty shops in Toronto that might have this in stock?

And if anyone has white port at home, I highly recommend mixing it with Tonic water and lime slice....very refreshing and tasty drink.

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  1. As far as I know you can't get liquor/beer/wine outside of the LCBO or beer store at all in Ontario, other than wineries that are licenced to sell.

    If the LCBO isn't carrying it, try going to one of the bigger locations such as the Summerhill or Queens Quay store and see if they will order it for you.

    1. You can buy specialty wines from consignment or wine agents. I don't know if any of them carry the Taylor Flagate port but if you call one of them, they might know if another sells it. You usually need to buy by the case from agents.

      Three of the bigger agencies are:
      Lifford Wine Agency
      Miriam Rogers
      HHD Imports

      Let us know if you find it. I love a white port with tapas.

      There is also something called the yellow pages from LCBO which lists what is available from previous vintages releases. You can probably pick it up at the Queens Quay store.

      1. I think that Taylor Fladgate is represented by Whitehall (out of Montreal. You should contact them to confirm and see what they stock. Ordering from the agency means that you would have to order by the case (or half case if it is really expensive).

        1. Based on a previous request for another type of wine, the response was to go to

          I did a search on Taylor Fladgate and they carry 12 ports from them.

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            I searched white port on Vintages advance search engine and came up 5 brands, four well known (Dow, Quinta da Noval, Warre's) and one called Tear's of Christ. The store directory shows a lot of these ports, all around Ontario, in Vintages' Corners.

          2. Other than on-premises stores at wineries/breweries and the winery-owned chains (Wine Rack, etc.), the LCBO is the only beverage alcohol retailer in Ontario.

            However, products that aren't carried by the LCBO can be specially ordered through them in two ways:

            1. If the manufacturer is already represented in Ontario by an Agent, you can order from them (almost always by the case).

            2. If the manufacturer is not represented in Ontario, you can try to do a Special Order through the LCBO. This involves asking the LCBO to contact the supplier, getting a quote, etc. If the supplier is willing to sell to the LCBO in the quantity requested, the LCBO will order the product and bring it into their warehouse then deliver it to your local store. This is a pretty long-shot unless you're looking to buy in quantity.

            In either case, the best way to find out about the status of a particular product is to call the LCBO InfoLine at 1-800-ONT-LCBO. They'll be able to tell you who represents a producer in Ontario or point you towards the right person in the Special Orders department if a producer is unrepresented.