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Nov 2, 2006 02:28 PM

Delihaus Location----new restaurant

I walked by the old Delihaus location at 476 Comm. Ave (boy, I miss that place), and saw that it's been totally renovated and a new restaurant or bar seems pretty close to opening.

There is a long bar along one side (where the Delihaus bar and kitchen used to be) and they are still doing work on the other side of the restaurant, but they do seem far along---the exterior has been totally redone and there is a very modern waiting/dining area out in front of the restaurant, below street level.

Does anyone know anything more about the new tenants?

Considering the trend in the Kenmore area, I'd suspect this to be a mid- to high-end concept, and from looking at the design of the bar, I have a hunch that it may be a sushi restaurant.

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  1. It is going to be called the Lower Depths and is being opened by the folks that own The Rattlesnake/Bukowskis/Parish.

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    1. re: ponyboy

      Hmmm. That's not particularly encouraging.


      1. re: DoubleMan

        The Rattlesnake is pretty bad foodwise, but The Buk and the Parish are okay in my book.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Rattlesnake is bad. I love the Back Bay Bukowski's (much more so than the Inman Sq. one) and Parish, although sometimes very tasty, I find inconsistent and not that great for service.

          I always worry when a company starts opening more than a handful of spots---they always seem to lose something.

    2. Though I thought Buks in Inman Square was okay (more for the beer than actual food), that's just depressing. Though I am entirely biased. Esp. since I remember BU stating that they would keep the Delihaus alive.


      Does anyone know what happened to the former owners?

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        The former owner, Adam, a good friend for many years, has relocated back to the west coast.

        He is looking at a variety of business ventures, and I do believe that he would be very interested in discussing any potential situation that might arise.

        He does have menus, recipes etc. including many that never saw their way into the Haus because of their complexity, etc.

        He actually even has a few different variations on Voo Doo Soup, and Herkey Jerkey Turkey

        His killer Voo Doo hot sauce is somewhat available in small batches - (only from him directly.)

        This is his myspace page, but I don't really think that he checks his email there at all.

        I'll tell him to check in on this page some time.

      2. You know, I simply saw the word "Delihaus" and clicked with childhood Christmas morning anticipation before I even read the nature of the post. So sad they were lost to the gentrification of Kenmore....nothing in Boston has ever quite replaced it in my humble opinion. I wonder if the old owners would allow someone to replicate their business model elseware for a reasonable fee. They must have some old menus and recipes stashed in a folder somewhere!

        As to the new place, Bukowskis always hit me as too loud, annoying music choices, and overly high prices for very run of the mill food (Inman SQ location), so I am not hopeful. I used to live 3 blocks form Bukowskis and would drive to Sunset in Allston instead to give you an idea of how unimpressed I was with the place.

        1. Ownership aside, does anyone know what will be offered here in terms of food and drink? Looks more like a bar to me, in passing.

          1. Memories...

            (Damn, I can't get this link to attach or work. Oh, well. It's just an interior shot of the late, great Delihaus with its delightfully colored walls.)