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Nov 2, 2006 02:21 PM

Saturday lunch near Golden Bear Bldg. on University & Shattuck?

I'm taking a full day grammar class at the Golden Bear Building,
1995 University Avenue (cross street Shattuck, more or less) and would love to break up what will otherwise be such a miserable day with some good food for lunch. Any and everything works for me, so long as not too expensive. Desparate for something to brighten my Saturday!

Thank you,


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  1. Cecelia:
    How about Ryowa Ramen on University? It's about a block south from Shattuck. It's delicious, tasty and affordable!

    1. It's tempting to recommend Udupi Palace at MLK & University. However their dosa was not as good the most recent time I was there. The combination meal thali is good though, yummy unusual dishes and (bonus) inexpensive.

      Note, it's completely vegetarian, if that matters.

      If you're in the mood for hummus and baba ganooj, there's a place on Shattuck above University, called the Mediterranean. And depending on how long you have for lunch, you could walk 15 min up Shattuck to the Cheese Board for their daily pizza offering.

      Also, Ryowa Ramen is on the block west of Shattuck. Shattuck is north-south, University is east-west.

      1. Udupi Palace, Ryowa Raman, Jayakarta, Mount Everest.

        1. You'll be about two blocks away from the Saturday Berkeley Farmers' Market (on Center, between Milvia and MLK, one block west of Shattuck). There are some excellent lunch stands and plenty of seating. I really like Andy and Cindy's Thai Cuisine and the Dosa Lady (name escapes me). There's also an organic Himalayan place that I haven't tried yet. You can get an excellent lunch at the market for 6 or 7 bucks, and you'll have spare time to check out one of the best Farmers' Markets in the Bay Area. Of course, if it's raining you should go elsewhere.

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          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            That's where I would go if I were her and plan to be if I were me. Unless I am on the road, I always lunch at BFM. Steamed fish in banana leaves from Andy and Cindy's. Veggie curry and imperial rolls are good too. Fruit crisp at Frog Hollow for dessert.

          2. I strongly recommend the hole-in-wall Thai place on the south side of University between Oxford & Shattuck (Lucky Thai?). They have a huge selection of tasty dishes on the cheap. And the ingredients are much fresher than you would expect from the looks of the place!

            Another cheap-eats haven nearby would be Top Dog on the south side of Center between Oxford & Shattuck.

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            1. re: Civil Bear

              If you are going to be on Center I would rather recommend Pie in the Sky, debatably Berkeley's best pizza these days, for cheap food at good quality (the Top Dog on Center isn't very Top Doggish compared to either the north or southside ones): That said, I would go to the Farmers Market on Saturday.