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Nov 2, 2006 02:17 PM

Pommes Frites!!!!!

I love this place and I'm in the mood to do some serious dippin!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. in town this past weekend. took my wife. it was great. ordered two regulars with six sauces. starting with #1:

    sun dried tomato mayo
    parmesean peppercorn mayo
    honey mustard
    pesto mayo
    wasabi mayo
    nacho cheese

    1. when they first opened they did not charge extra for the premium sauces--I think they still should not charge 75 cents extra for each choice of flavored mayo-

      1. They've always charged for premium sauces at Pommes Frites, and I've been going there since the week they opened. They always had a small selection of sauces that were the usual suspects in Belgium that were offered free (I think the curry sauce was one), and I believe in the early days they had a special "sauce of the day" (or the week) that was offered free as well. I'm in luck that my favorite is the plain Frites Sauce.

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        1. re: ballulah

          really? I never remember having to pay for any sauces until recently.
          Also, I dream of the return of their hawaiian pineapple honey mustard! so good, but apparently not enough people agreed with me...

          1. re: rds246

            I agree with both of your statements rds246
            have you tried the Vietnamese pineapple--it's really good and has a bit of zing

          1. But are they fried in horse fat?

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            1. re: meatme

              hmmm..I don't understand the question--what is fried in horse fat??never heard of anything fried in horse fat????