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Nov 2, 2006 02:06 PM

Wedding Anniversary for Middle Aged Couple

My parents are in their mid-fifties and their wedding anniversary is coming up. I'd like to give them a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant in downtown Toronto or nearabouts.

I was thinking something like Jamie Kennedy but then that's where a lot of young people go to be seen so I think they'd feel uncomfortable there.
Then I thought Perigee might work but a) that'd be a really expensive gift certificate (I'm a student here!) and I want it to cover the cost of most of their meal and b)I'm not sure if they offer gift certs.

So what are some other suggestions for restaurants with gift certificates?

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  1. what about Amuse-Bouche? It is kinda classy and they wouldn't feel out of place. I've always had excellent service there.

    1. Batifole -- great food, predictable prices, grown-up but not stuffy atmosphere. I don't know if they have gift certificates, but you could probably arrange something.

      1. Scaramouche! It would be a lovely experience for them. Lovely view, great service, inimate, etc, etc. Might be a bit pricy though.
        I would not send my parents to Jaime Kennedy for an anniversary - too hip & trendy.

        It might help if you told us how much you are thinking of spending on the 2 of them and what they like (steak, seafood, French, if they are adventurous or not with their food etc). Also, even if the resto doesn't have gift certs per se, the house manager can usually charge your credit card for the amount you want and deduct this from their bill. I would ask for the house manager when you call to see if you can set this up.

        1. All of the Oliver and Bonacini restaus offers a gift card that lets them choose which spot they would like to go to (includes Auberge, Canoe etc) . I remember my work giving us one a few years ago and it worked really well!