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Nov 2, 2006 01:15 PM

Where to watch USC vs. Stanford game

Ok, before I ruffle ay feathers, let me say that I was born and raised in the bay area and will truly always be a bay area boy. On the other hand, I am now attending USC and will be coming up with a bunch of my friends this weekend for the USC vs. Stanford game, or more commonly called "the weekender." None of us have tickets so we are looking for a cool bar to watch the game in San Francisco. The place has gotta have at least a couple large tv's, possibly some *decent food (cheap and mediocre will do just fine), some quality beers on tap, and its gotta be big enough to sit at least the 20 or so people in our group. Something relatively close to downtown or near union square qould do perfect. And pool tables are a big plus.


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  1. Lefty O'Doul's IS your father's sports bar, "one of those old San Francisco joints full of big-shouldered men who look like Chicago parking attendants and remember when the Giants were the Seals", according to one review in the SF Weekly. Basic HofBrau food, cheap drinks and probably enough big-shouldered Stanford haters to make you feel secure if you are rooting for the second best team in the Pac-10. (You'll want to equip yourself with a brown paper bag to put over your head if you repeat the trek for the Cal game.)

    1. The Bus Stop on Union (and Laguna I think) will have all the games plus pool tables. They don't serve food but you can order pizza delivered from Amici's or other nearby places. You'd need to take a cab or bus from Union Square to get here but it's large and can accomodate your group.

      21st Amendment on 2nd near Bryant will likely have the game on (but call first -- 415-369-0900). It has above-average bar food. They brew their own beer and have a full bar too. You can walk here from Union Square in about 15-20 mins.

      Green's Sports Bar at 2239 Polk has loads of games on and you can order food from a variety of local places. Ask the bartender for menus. You'd need to cab it or take a bus here.

      1. here's a great idea. since y'all don't have tickets, why don't you stay in la? there must be plenty of bars there where you can watch the game with people who actually like usc, and think of all the gas you'll save.

        1. Actually there should be plenty of tickets available. You should just show up at the Farm and enjoy all that red on maroon love and keep the weirdness to one place.

          1. LOL, good luck finding a place that will show that stinker! I agree with ML8000, if you came all this way, why not just go to the game? Tickets should not be an issue...

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              haha, that's what I was thinking. What's the point of coming all this way just to watch your team destroy a hapless victim? But there are a large number of USC fans in the area, so most sporty bars should show it, although maybe now that they've lost, they'll all stay home on Saturdays (sorry...).