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Nov 2, 2006 12:52 PM

Decent Groceries Framingham to Worcester

Recently moved to the area. So far these are grocery stores i frequent:
Whole Foods in Framingham;
Italian next door to Tomasso Trattoria;
asian grocery in Westboro (not a good selection but for the lack of better choice...);
indian grocery (forgot the name) on route 9/135 (again in Westoboro) - the selection looks good but i don't cook much indian;

any mexican? good butcher? asian?

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  1. I don't know the area very well (only visit a few times a year near Hudson/Stow but if there is a Roche Brothers near by the quality/selection is very good.

    1. There is a Roche Brothers in Natick not very far from Framingham on Route 135. There is a brazilian supermarket called GOL in Framingham on 135 which has pretty good meats- things you won't find elsewhere like fresh hams and alot of ethnic canned and dry goods - a variety of beans, manioca flour, etc.

      1. A few specialty markets in Worcester that are worth visiting:

        Ed Hyder's Mediterranean Market
        408 Pleasant St.

        Very good for middle-eastern specialties, both fresh and frozen, and both prepared foods and ingredients. Nice olives, grains, and spices in bulk.

        Ha-Tien Market
        892 Main St.

        Good variety of Asian ingredients -- strongest in Vietnamese, but also Chinese, Thai, Korean. Good banh mi.

        Living Earth
        232 Chandler St.

        Excellent natural & organic fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats. Nice prepared foods, and hard-to-find items.