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Nov 2, 2006 12:49 PM

Afternoon Tea

Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Manhattan that serves British Style Tea with finely cut sandwiches, baked scones and delicate pastries?

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  1. I like Tea and Sympathy on Greenwich ave at 13th st. It is very small and gets very packed especially on weekends though.

    1. Peninsula Hotel, SW corner 55th and Fifth has full "English Tea."

      1. In order of preference:

        Cafe Pierre in the Pierre
        The Carlyle
        The Mark

        1. I love the tea at the Peninsula.

          A new place to check out is The Harlem Tea Room on upper Madison. A friend took me there this summer. I had the best-brewed cup of tea. Lovely scones and sandwiches, too.

          1. I second the Pierre Hotel - if money is no object and atmosphere is important. The room is like a jewel and the tea is excellent quality. Small and intimiate, really lovely. But, not cheap.

            There is a website somewhere that describes every tea parlor in NYC - along with price.