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Nov 2, 2006 11:14 AM

Thanksgiving Appetizer help!

Ideas for an appetizer to bring for Thanksgiving?

Stuffed Mushrooms are already covered.....

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  1. I like to make a stilton, hazelnut and port spread. It's fabulous (for blue cheese lovers, which is not everyone's cup of tea, but for those inclined, they really dig it!)

    I also like to serve good olives and soprasatta.

    1. Mine are probably boring but I try to keep appetizers simple and relatively light with a huge meal on the way.
      A cheese selection and some nice crackers, fruit, nuts and some nice wine.

      1. Seafood appetizers always seem to be the best bet for a big day of eating like Thanksgiving. I like to serve gravlax with a mustard dill sauce and some whole grain bread. Oysters, raw or Rockefeller style, crab claws (I know several families who have a tradition of ordering from Joe's Stone Crab for their Thanksgiving feast), and shrimp cocktail are all hard to beat.

        1. I'll second the keep it simple notion. Cheese and crackers, fruit, sometimes shrimp cocktail.

          1. I made something last year (if you are interested I can try to track down specifics). I put gorgonzola (or was it blue cheese? I can't remember) on homemade, herb-free crostini topped with drizzled honey and some chopped, toasted hazelnuts. AWESOME