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Nov 2, 2006 06:03 AM

Just Another El Parian Question

In my limmited experience El Parian does take the cake. Or I am pretty sure it does. I mean I went around 9:15 on a Wednesday night and the quality asada I got was a little off, and like it had been sitting around. They were actually trying to close as I walked in. Speaking of closed,god, the place looked completely wrapped up. I know other hounds have been fooled, but I truly thought it was abandoned until I went around back. Everything is perfect. The non descript look, the waitress, everything. JUST, WHAT TIME IS GOOD TO GO? When is it crowded? when is that meat just sizzling on the grill and filling the whole restaurant? All I know is I need to go back.

Also, a side note, has anyone tried the costillos (or whatever that huge hunk of meat with onions) at El Taurino? It looks bomb and like a lot of food for 12 bucks. Get back to me

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  1. I've had similar experiences at El Parian.

    The carne asada seemed dripping of juice from the grill where it tastes like black residue of the grill. The juice is black.

    Never had problems with the carnitas or the birria which is great.

    I know El Parian receives a lot of raves for their carne asada but the 2 times I've had it lacked some salt to give the meat flavor. Been late at night and on a weekend around noon. It was busy and a wait around 1:00 pm on a weekend.

    I make my own version with a cross rib steak cut 1/8 inch thick marinated in citrus juices.

    1. Always been weekdays at lunch, always perfect.
      Note: as you enter from Pico, seat on the right side area if you want beer. They don't serve alcohol in the area to the left.

      1. I had the ordenen de carne asada on Monday for lunch. It was a nice size piece of meat, but it was littly fatty on the edges and had a slight natural gas taste to it. I wish they would fry up some of their tortillas for chips instead of serving the round ones.

        1. yeah, the both times i had the carne asada taco i took two bites and had to chuck the rest away what a shame. no tenderness, no flavor, no spicing, just empty calories. too bad.

          oh, and there round chips are horrible versions of nacho cheese dorritos, i have no clue as to why they serve, except maybe it keeps costs down, and people don't really care for chips and salsa.

          1. Hey, wow, This is king. I went around 8:00 and ordered the Carne Asada plate. Its the thing to order. At 11 bucks its a lot of food and a lot of meat. Cooked perfectly some red, some crispy. I could go on and on. Im going back tomorrow.