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Nov 2, 2006 04:50 AM

good wine shop is asheville

any suggestions? I'm on a quest for some Pommeau de Normandie.

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  1. The Asheville Wine Market on Biltmore just down the street from Barley's is by far the best wine store in Asheville. I don't know if they have the particular thing you are looking for but they do have the most extensive selection in town.


    1. We are fortunate to have 3 really good wine shops. I would say that in terms of selection that both Asheville Wine Market and Weinhaus on Patton Ave/College st (across from Tupelo Honey) probably have the best. Both stores also have very knowledgeable staff as does Wine Guy (Merrimon and Hendersonville Road). You may want to call first and make sure they have what you are looking for since you already know.

      1. I would also rec the new Vino Vino just past Beaver Lake on Merrimon - same owners as Stoney Knob. While they do not have a huge selection, everything we have tried there is fabulous (as is usually the case with smaller boutique wine shops).

        1. Vino vino is a new very small boutique wine shop. They are very accomodating and do weekly tastings - as do many of the others. They are owned by the folks that own Stoney Knob restaurant.

          1. Pommeau de Normandie is a fortified wine from France made with apple juice and Calvados. It tastes like autumn and packs quite a punch. It's lovely before or after dinner, excellent with blue cheese. I'm been craving it since I tasted some recently in a Brooklyn shop and am kicking myself for not buying some then!

            I'm so excited about our Asheville trip! We won't be able to make it the farmers' market, since we are going for a rather sad reason - funeral in Hendersonville - but looking forward to our dinner. I wish we could stay Saturday night becuase there is great band playing at the Orange Peel.

            When life gives you lemons...