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Nov 2, 2006 03:39 AM

New Wine Bar near Orlando?

I heard there's a new wine bar in the Orlando area... winter park maybe? where they have something like 150 wines by the glass. Can anyone help with a name or information?

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  1. There are two relatively new ones in Winter Park. You are probably talking about the Wine Place, next door to Luma on Park Ave. Their gimmick is a next-generation Italian wine storage system that uses a sort of debit card to dispense wines by the serving . . . allowing a taste of expensive wine at an affordable price and also to sample many less expensive wines that you might not want to buy by the bottle just to try.
    Also Eola Wine Co. has opened on Park Ave., just down the street.

    Coming soon is The Grape in Pointe Orlando and still another chain, forget the name, on Restaurant Row near Roy's and Amura.


    1. Thanks a lot Bob... heading down that way in Feb and wanted to check them out. There are a few places I've seen with the Italian tasting system, most notibly the place across from Moscone Center in SF. I wasn't very impressed with that place but will look into the places you mentioned.

      1. There are alot of new Wine Bars and Restaurants that are opening in Orlando in the near future. The problem with most of them is that they are all chain owned/operated places. They all pour/push the same wine that everyone else is selling. It seems as though no one is doing anything different here in Orlando, just spitting (excuse the pun) out the same thing. The wine room in Winter Park would be the closest thing to something different, but even they have mostly the same stuff. No one here in Orlando is willing to or even able to do something different, it's just all the same.