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Nov 2, 2006 03:36 AM

Cafe Won Kee, Milpitas report (w/ pics)

P. and I went here for lunch. Due to my poor ordering I didn't get the highly recommended rice plates (bbq chicken, bbq pork, roast pork, roast duck). Well there is always next time. The service is pretty fast here.

The lunch specials are $5.99 or $6.50 depending on what you get. I saw other people get the 2 kinds of bbq on rice for $6.50 and the plates look huge and good. 3 kinds of bbq on rice for $6.99. 1 kind of bbq on rice is $5.99.

P. got #107 braised beef brisket & won ton braised noodle for $6.50. He didn't seem to like the brisket part but everything else he liked.

I got #131-roast duck & won ton w/ noodle soup $5.99. It was 5 wontons, 4 chopped up pieces of roast duck, and thin egg noodles. It wasn't very filling, more on the smallish side.

Everyone also seemed to get the ice tea w/ milk $2, or the fresh ice lemon tea $2 (this is just a guess).

They have separate men and women bathrooms, A/C seemed to be on, and they take credit cards with minimum charge of $20.

I'd recommended the restaurant still.


Cafe Won Kee
206 Barber Ct
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 955-9666

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  1. Other than being not filling and smallish, did you like anything about your duck dish enough to recommend the place?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      communal dining at its finest. the place is greasy, you share tables, not sure if the utinsels and plates are clean, and the big fish with sores from trying to turn around in the tiny tank on the wall is just disturbing. pair all that with horrible, rushed service and it's amazing that i still come here.

      the chinese bbq is better then most in the area, but it really depends on your luck. the first few times i've gone here i was satisfied. the last two times i was severly disappointed only to try another bbq joint and realize i wanted won kee.

      the duck - on a good day, it's plump, moist, with a golden crisp layer of skin. the flesh pulls off the bone backing with little effort and is 'fatty' on a bad day you'll get what seems like dry over baked skin on the bone. sitting there and asking...where'd my duck go?!

      they also give you the choice of tap water, tea brewed with tap water or pearl milk tea (maybe honey green tea as well)

      1. re: wchane

        Thanks, and I admire your tenacity when there's so much Chinese food to be mined in Milpitas. Now, can you satisfy Ruth's curiousity about "Hunan and Fijian" cuisine here?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          thanks! but...i'm not even sure what hunan and fijian is. growing up as an taiwanese abc, i thought taiwanese food WAS chinese food. i didn't really understand the difference until i dated a mainland chinese girl who pointed out the difference between say joy in foster city, and a&j restaurant or similar taiwanese joint.

          that being said, i'm unqualified. i understand the basics, but couldn't tell you how, why, or what.

    2. I used to work for the people in charge of the Milpitas Square grand opening and had to work with the tenants on several things and logistics. I remember Cafe Won Kee has been around since the Square opened in 96 (lots of tenants have come and go but quite a few still remain to this day), but only ate there a few times and didn't think the food was all that. They are essentially competing with Chez Mayflower for similar fare, but both seem to fall short now with quality and consistency.

      I wonder where Ruth got her information that this restaurant served Hunan and Fujian food, because they've for the most part and to the best of my knowledge been a Cantonese stir fry, congee, noodles, rice kind of place that was similar to Yung Kee on Hostetter Rd in the 90s.

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      1. re: K K

        Well, Ruth was wondering if the online source was wrong and sounds like it is. She had asked about Fijian, not Fujian, which made it sound even more kinky.

      2. How's the noodle itself? From pics it does not look like freshly made? I've tried Chez Mayflower nearby there, W&M Cafe in Fremont and New China Station in Newark and a bit disappointed in the noodle. I'm still looking for the fresh Hong-Kong style thin noodle, like the ones at SF Chinatown noodle houses, in the South/East Bay. The closest I'd found was at what was Street Food in Mountain View (don't know if they are still open). Any pointers would be appreciated.

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        1. re: ahong

          Food Street "temporarily" closed over a year ago due to underground piping problems which there has been no update. I personally didn't find their egg noodles that great.

          1. re: K K

            Any other noodle places you recommend in South/East Bay?

            1. re: ahong

              Not HK style Cantonese egg noodle based noodle soups though. I would say the closest you can get to something similar to that in the South Bay with a twist would be the egg noodles (either dry or in soup) served at any of the three Vietnamese Vung Tau restaurants which are excellent (one in Newark on Cedar Blvd in Lion Market's plaza, another in the Lion Plaza on Dixon Landing Rd in Milpitas, and another in San Jose somewhere). I'm sure other hounds have their favorite Vietnamese egg noodle soup places (perhaps in the Century Mall area that I've never been to in SJ). Last time I went to the Newark Vung Tau III over a year ago, they had a duck salad served with a beautiful bowl of flavorful pho, the duck was not roasted but matched well with the pho (you can probably substitute with egg noodles) for a different experience.

              For decent Cantonese egg noodle soup, brave the drive north (not need to go into SF) get off the Millbrae exit and there are a few places: Broadway Bistro and Cafe Salina (while they don't specialize in won ton noodle soup, it is a decent quality, not bad, but portions are a bit small), then Ming Tai a bit north of that on El Camino (closed till towards end of November for remodeling) for superb shui gow as well, and a little further north in San Bruno for Fat Wong's Kitchen which does a way better job than Won Kee or Chez Mayflower (strictly stir fry, noodles, congee, rice place).

        2. I forgot to mention that China Chen downtown San Jose has good noodles (fresher, firmer texture), but the broth does not have the mild sweet taste of duck(?) bones I prefer.

          1. adding link:

            Won Kee
            206 Barber Ct, Milpitas, CA