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favorite tempura spot?

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So I tried New Gen Sushi based on what I've read here and while my Unagi Dragon roll was very good, I was underwhelmed with the tempura appetizer I ordered. Small shrimp, a bit oily, weak sauce. What's your favorite tempura spot?

My regular Japanese haunt is Echo Sushi and their tempura is ok (much better than New Gen!). Any recs out there? :-)

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  1. For value: Sono at Yonge & Eglinton

    1. And of course, Matsu Sushi --- but it's in PEterborough ;) A bit far for a shrimp or two!

      1. Not to threadjack, but on a related note...

        I just got back from Tokyo, and at a lot of the tempura joints there, you sit at the bar and the chef basically prepares, batters, and deep fries the tempura in front of you. He then drops it immediately onto your plate (or a special platter) with only a few seconds of drying time between fryer and plate (and mouth).

        Any places in Toronto that do it this way, are are we stuck with the tempura-on-a-plate (which is all I had before going to Japan)?



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          I've been wondering about this too. Tokyo has so many of these "tempura bars" and I'm surprised there's not one here. Too bad because tempura is one of my favorite food groups! :-P

        2. Kon-Nichi-Wa on Baldwin has excellently prepared Tempura. Light, Crisp, flaky, not oily at all. They also have excellent cooked sushi (the best Unagi in T.O.), Japanese homecooking-style seafood (grilled flying fish, baked cod, etc...), Oninigri-zushi (round ball sushi with a stuffing), delicious gyoza, and lots of noodle soups. Everything is relatively cheap to boot (not quite Sushi on Bloor prices, but close). You will not regret going to to Konnichiwa for anything at all and, specifically, their tempura is the best I've had.

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            This one is definitely on my "next to try" list...

          2. Asa Sushi (Jane & Bloor) has amazing tempura. It's not greasy, and it includes unusual items like asparagus and salmon (only $4.95 for a 12-piece!). They also offer a lot of creative maki that incorporate tempura into the rolls.

            1. I've been meaning to ask about Asa Sushi! It's a five minute walk from my office, but every time I've peeked in the window it's been deserted. How are they for the fresh stuff?

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                I too have wondering about Asa Sushi. I picked up a take out menu when I passed by one day but haven't gone in yet...if anyone could provide a review, that would be great.

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                  Asa Sushi is great. I love their tempura and maki -- they have a lot of really different ones with interesting sauces and fillings. My favourite is the Vegetable Tempura Roll.

                  As for the "fresh stuff" -- My BF has had nigri sushi both times we've been and he found it really fresh and tasty.

                  The prices are really reasonable, too.

                  Here's a complete review: http://wasabicowgirl.blogspot.com/200...

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                    Excellent news! I've been spending waaaay too much money at Nama sushi, so it's good to know there's a better alternative. And it's closer to work.

              2. In a past review, the toronto star said Ematei's was among the best tempura in town. I tried the tempura platter once there it was nice and crispy and not too heavy. Might be worth checking out, it's on St. Patrick Street.

                1. Natural Sushi (Yonge, south of Charles, West side) has good tempura -- 4 really big shrimp