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Nov 2, 2006 03:34 AM

Best of Seattle Sweets

Will be in Seattle this weekend visiting and need to satiate my sweet tooth...
What is the best bakery to sit and have an afternoon pastry with a stellar latte?
Macrina, LeFounil, Dahlia, Le Panier?
I am looking for fine pastries, cakes & tarts. Nothing too sweet or too big.
Subtle is better in my book.
NOT looking for oatmeal cookies or lemon bars.
(not that I have anything against a great cookie, I'm just craving a fine pastry)

Also, are there any local artisan chocolatiers making fresh ganaches and truffles?

Specifics are appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Dahlia Bakery has lovely stuff (a mix of pastry and cookies) but they are take out only-no tables. Macrina has the same sort of selection (some pastry, lots of American style goods) and is good-it can be hard to find a seat on weekends when they serve brunch, fyi. Le Fournil is the most pastry oriented place I can think of in Seattle-the only true French style bakery-and it has always been steller when I've been but I haven't stopped in in quite a while (maybe someone else can say if it's still excellent). Cafe Besalu is also excellent and has the best croissants in the city, and they have a mix of other pastry and American style stuff. The best stuff sells out in the morning though. I don't generally like Le Panier though it has good ambiance.

    Fran's in University Village should have fresh truffles.

    1. Frans Chocolates! Her bars are divine!! I mail order her products to Boston.

      1. just checked out fran's website-loooks goood. definitely makes the list. thank you.

        1. dilletante (broadway, westlake, sheraton, central) makes all their qwn excellent chocolates and pastries. their house-made cocoa is orgasmic. the location on 1st avenue is confectionary only.

          1. Theo Chocolate, in Fremont, offers tours (much like Scharffenberger factory tours)

            Also try Rose's Chocolate Treasures for fresh truffles.

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              Here is a review of Theo's bread and chocolate bar from a user of

              You MUST try the BREAD and CHOCOLATE. Theo's is more of a chocolate factory than a cute little shop, so don't expect anything fancy. But remember you can buy their chocolate bars in stores. Their branding is a little confusing though, it might look like 3400Phinney on the bar of chocolate so I think this makes people confused.

              Let me talk more about the bread and chocolate bar because I have EVERYONE OBSESSED with it. This is not for the weak, but rather is for the TRUE CHOCOLATE LOVER. It has actually pieces of salty french bread in the chocolate bar but these are so finely ground that they really melt in the way your crunches do in a nestle crunch bar- but it is so much more refined. The salt really activates and enhances the fine chocolately flavor and allows you to really taste the DARK chocolate. BLISS.