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Nov 2, 2006 03:28 AM

Picholine: Tonight's Review---Sorry to say, Mediocre.

Picholine has been on our Manhattan list for many years. No more.

We went tonight. The meal was mediocre and very expensive.

The restaurant was not close to full, and we can see why.

The Chicken Kiev was tasteless. The souffle was dry and also tasteless. The dining room had no buzz.

Recommendation: Think twice before you want to spend a ton for a meal that is passable at best.

This is sad for us, as we always loved this restaurant.

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  1. How could you "love this restaurant for many years" and still have it on your "Manhattan list for many years"? One suggests that you are or were an habitue while the other suggests you've never been.

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    1. re: diropstim

      I understood it to mean that it was on their list of restaurants that they liked to eat at in Manhattan ... not their list of restaurants to try in Manhattan.

      1. re: diropstim

        MMRuth understood what I was saying. I've had meals at Picholine for many years and, until the last visit, loved all my meals. When I say it's been on my list for many years, that means that I've regularly gone back to dine at Picholine.

      2. Very disappointed to hear this. I've been recently, and I thought it was up to its usual best.

        Since you have been a regular for many years, perhaps you shouldn't right it off quite so quickly. Even great restaurants, in my view, have occasions when they are not completely in synch with the diner, and vice versa.

        Too bad,

        - Sean

        1. If you get the venison or duck risotto, there is nothing as good in the city!