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Nov 2, 2006 03:11 AM

New China (aka China Tofu), Union City report w/ pics

We finally tried it for dinner Wed 11/1/06 after reading echo's review and others: The sign outside says New China, but the menu says China Tofu 1990. The menu is in English so anybody can get these dishes.

I've read all the reviews so kinda knew what to expect. For the two of us we got 6 dishes, it's our version of a tasting menu. After you order u can get either hot & sour soup (yuck) or iced milk tea (very sweet). I got one of each and the soup is enough for 4 ppl!

1. #115 dry fried beef ho fun $4.99-lots of wide ho fun noodles which I like, and enough beef. It's pretty good.

2. #104 sliced pork w/ spicy garlic sauce $3.99. Lots of sliced pork w/ the spicy garlic sauce all on the top. It's very garlicky, also salty too. Good.

3. #6 twice cooked pork $4.49-a good amount of pork w/ the fat on it sliced thin, lots of cooked pressed smoked tofu that looks like the pork. It's ok for me.

4. #112 potstickers-it's Taiwanese style, shaped different (like a rectangle) from other style of potstickers. be careful eating them cuz B. took a bite and the juice went flying on his sweater. I bit slowly since it's very temperature hot and didn't have that problem. Brown sauce is very salty whatever it is. 7 for $3.50 Recommended.

5. #105 Sichuan style pork kidney $4.50-It tasted like liver to me, not my favorite. B liked it.

6. #13 dry sauteed string bean $4.99-it's my favorite way to eat string beans. Recommended.

We have tons of leftovers. And the total with tax & tip was only $32.05! They take credit cards with minimum $20.

Didn't see a bathroom, maybe u gotta walk thru the kitchen. Lots of ppl were buying the soymilk, frozen stuff, and soy bean dessert in the tub up in the front refrigerated section by the register.


New China (aka China Tofu
)1743 Decoto Rd (@ Alvarado Niles Blvd)
Union City, CA 94587
(510) 675-0008
Open 7 days a week
Sun-Thu 11-9pm; Fri-Sat 11-9:30pm

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  1. Tried New China for dinner over the weekend. They're doing pretty good business, full to overflow on a Saturday night. They offered a choice between complimentary soup or tapioca tea. The former was the usual bits and pieces in a bowl, while the latter didn't have a strong tea taste, but did have firm and chewy pearls.

    54. Beef with green onion ($6.49): Neither the tastiest nor the tenderest cut of beef ever, but well marinated into palatability, and the green onions were fresh and satisfying.
    65. Pork chitterlings with pork blood ($6.49): Easily my favourite dish of the night, this was a mapo tofu-like dish (albeit with no ma la) with bonus innards. The tofu might've been a bit firmer than what I would recommend for this dish, but gave a hint to why the tofu dishes are highly regarded at this place.
    74. Chinese cabbage with tofu skins ($6.49): Lots of egg, a bit of carrot and no soybeans. The tofu skins were the best bit, and I would've appreciated a greater proportion of them.
    86. Kung pao shrimp ($6.99): Not a Sichuanese version, this had chunks of vegetable and minimal heat but was decent given those limitations.

    Solid meal, especially for the price, though I think I understand why the queues are even longer at Little Shen Yang next door.

    New China
    1743 Decoto Rd, Union City, CA 94587