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Nov 2, 2006 03:03 AM

bar keepers friend / copper pots

OMG, I finally got around to cleaning my all clad copper pot with bar keepers friend... I forgot how beautiful it was! (I ran into the living room to show my fiance who burst into laughter, thinking I was joking about how excited I was about it).

What's the best way too keep my pots looking this good? I hand wash them normally - should I use the dishwasher? Should I not use soap, and stick to barkeepers friend? I have a few really good pots, and I miss them looking all shiny and new!

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  1. Don't let them get out-of-control dirty. Such a temptation not to scrub the outside of a pan after you use it. Soap and a nylon scrubbie. Never steel wool/brillo!!!

    Anytime you have lemon rinds, pour salt on them and give the nearest copper a quick once-over. The acid from the lemon gets the tarnish and the salt is a very mild abrasive. Then the rinds go down the disposal. Three uses for one lemon - very thrifty!
    Of course every now and then, you will want to give a nice polish. But NEVER the dishwasher!

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      I do the same thing: when I have bits of leftover lemon, I use them to clean copper pots, and also to get rid of the cloudy, sometimes rainbow-ish film on stainless steel, which I think is due to my hard water. I skip the salt, though, and just use the pulpy bit of the lemon as a "sponge." works great. Takes a second.

    2. I use copper polish. I'm not obsessive about polishing anymore. Copper actually cooks better when it is dull and not reflecting heat away.

      1. I use Barkeepers Friend after ever use.

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