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Nov 2, 2006 02:51 AM

good mexian food in north jersey

Does anyone know of any really good mexican restaurants in north jersey? there only seem to be subpar ones around. There used to be a GREAT place in maplewood called Carmelita's but they closed. Since then, I havent been able to find anything comperable. I've eaten at casa maya in meyersville. its decent. but i LOVE good mexican food, so if you know of a plac ei would love to hear about it!!

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  1. The best in North Jersey would be
    Don Jose Mexican Restaurant
    Rt 10 West
    East Hanover

    They are from Mexico and have authentic and delicious Mexican food. We have eaten there a number of times of the past few years and every time it's delicious. If I remember correctly they are a BYOB, too. Call to make sure. I would highly recommend them.

    Here is their website:

    There is another great Mexican place in Flemington (I know not North Jersey), but, their food is also fabulous and I thought I would just mention it.

    Viva Mexico
    117 Broad St.

    Again, they come from Mexico and the food is wonderful.

    Here is their website:

    1. I haven't been in a while because I've moved away, but I used to really like El Bandido in Orange for your Mexican staples (tacos, enchiladas, etc.) - nothing fancy but good, solid Mexican food in a friendly atmosphere.

      1. There is a really good Mexican place in Orange, on Scotland Rd. just south of the overpass -- I forget the name right now. Also I have heard that the place on the south side of Main St. just past Northfield is good, but I've never tried it.

        1. I would say Don Jose Mexican Restaurant also.

          I just tried this place the other day and keep thinking about it. Hopefully I'll get to go back over the weekend.

          1. In my post (a few months ago) "Moving to Montvale", Hacienda in Suffern, NY was mentioned.... not far from the NY/NJ border. I wrote in yesterday to see if someone had more info as I could not find it doing a search online, lots of Hacienda's.


            This may be too North for some but I thought I would mention it.

            I am looking for something for tonight, I was just about to post again... if anyone has any ideas further North, I would love it!