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Nov 2, 2006 02:42 AM

Thanksgiving in Williamsport?

My family is going to spend Thanksgiving with my grandmother in Williamsport. Too many people and not enough room in her kitchen to prepare a proper feast. One year we ordered turkey and fixings from Wegman's and last year we went to the buffet at the Genesee Hotel. Needless to say, both expereineces left much to be desired. Any ideas where else we could get a tradtional Thanksgiving meal in or around Williamsport?

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  1. Fry's Turkey Ranch , aout 10 miles north of billtown on US15 is a decent place. I went there last year and had all the traditional fixens. Nothing exceptional, just plain ol good ,reasonably priced food. Their Turkeyday dinners tend to be busy. Be prepared to wait or better yet call ahead (a few days) get a reservation. Let us all know what you think afterwards.

    1. Also Le Jeune Chef at penn college culinary institute is excelent, but I doubt they will be open Thanksgiving day. The restaraunt at the Genetti Hotel is a little higher class than the average diner if you want fine dining