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Nov 2, 2006 01:54 AM

Ela's market and Deli - Forest Acres (Cola) SC

Stopped by Ela's for lunch. The deli is full of Polish hams and cured meats and sausages. Had one of their speciality sandwiches with homemade ham, Krakow sausage, honeycomb Kielbasa and Podlaski cheese. It came on French bread that had been toasted and flattened out ala pannini. Quite good. Had some Polish potato salad that was quite tasty as well. Came with a pickle, too. If you don't get a side it also comes with potato chips. Frankly, if you're just popping in for lunch one of these sandwiches and an order of potato salad would feed two people.

Also in their cold case are stuffed cabbage leaves, hunter's stew and many other housemade items.

There's also have a wide variety of housemade pastries. Didn't sample those but they all looked delicious.

To top it off they have a variety of packaged food products from Poland. Pickles, fishes, pastas, juices and other things.

I bought some lightly smoked and seasoned bacon that was rolled like pancetta.

If you can drop by the store it will be worth it. These are nice folks bringing a little variety to Columbia. A thankless task at times. Give 'em a shot.


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  1. Can you give me a landmark or 2 on Forest Dr? My husband will all but move in there.

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      Sure thing. It's in the Four J's Plaza. Four J's is a new little strip center with four store fronts. It's accross the street from BoJangle's and the Golden Corral. There's a Sprint store right next to Ela's. Hope your husband likes it.