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Nov 2, 2006 01:53 AM

Brooklyn suggestions?

I'm visiting Brooklyn next week and am looking for some recommendations for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Will be in the vicinity of Prospect Park and traveling with a 10-month old, so family friendly is a plus. Any kind of food is fine. Thanks!

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  1. Hey Rempah,

    First, I would like to suggest my new favorite BBQ place in Brooklyn. It's called the Smoke Joint and it's located in Fort Greene on South Elliot Place off of Fulton Street. It might be a little bit of a trip, but not too far for dinner. They just opened and the food is GREAT. It's cafeteria style, and really laid back. I noticed a high chair there so I would think little kids are welcome. My second recommendation would be Two Boots Pizza on 2nd Street off of Seventh Ave. in Park Slope. The place is a little grimy, but totally kid friendly! For breakfast, maybe Tom's Diner would be good. It's in Prospect Heights, near the park. Have a great trip!

    1. PP Park is a large area. You probably mean park slope, these are literally all around the park.

      Sugar Cane: (Dinner abit upscale/well dressed)


      Bob Law Seafood: (other places near by

      Bar BQ

      El Continental (Order the Pupusas

      The Chip Shop

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      1. re: Geo8rge

        What do you think of Bob Law's Seafood? Ive never been in there.
        Places I would recommend on Vanderbilt Ave in Prospect Hts (convenient to the Park) are Amorina (fancy, unusual pizzas and other very good italian stuff) and Joyce Bakery - great pastries and coffee. Both are stroller friendly and in the block between Park and Prospect Place.

        If you wind up up by the Brooklyn Museum and its not Sunday, there is Tom's Luncheonette as well as a couple other recently opened places on Washington.

        On Flatbush Ave, Geido (Japanese) and Franny's (more upscale designer pizza) as well as Christie's Jamaican Patties and Joy Indian are relatively close to the Park. All are on the north (prospect hts) side of Flatbush. I dont recommend The New Prospect Cafe any more in the same area.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Bob Laws is pretty good. They make good fried shrimp, greens and mac and cheese, plus the crew is very friendly. I'd avoid Mitchel's a few doors down. They went downhill. The Garden Cafe (or is it restaurant?) is very good, they're on the corner of Prospect Pl and Vanderbilt. I recently ate at the New Prospect and thought it was pretty good. I had the seared sea scallops over spinach. The scallops were tender, the spinach fresh and the sauce quite tasty. However, I will say, that their menu needs a serious revamp. I remember seeing 90% of the meals listed from a few years back. Tacos Nuevos Mexico is a great Mexican place within the Slope. They are on 5th Avenue between 11th Street and 12 Street. For pizza, I hear that LaVilla on 5th Ave by Carroll is excellent. Sushi, hands down, Taro on Dean Street between 5th Avenue and Flatbush. The best days are Friday and Saturday when the head sushi chef is there to watch everything.