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Nov 2, 2006 12:56 AM

Crema on 17th St. report

We tried Crema tonight, which gets a good rating in the Zagat. The chips and salsa were okay, mostly because the chips were decent. The salsa was a bit innovative, not an improvement over traditional, but edible. Then the main courses came. The spareribs were inedible; even the smell was nauseating. They were worse than any airplane meal I've had. The chicken salad was almost equally terribly, a mixture of sweet with other flavors, temperatures, etc., none of which worked. We were shocked that a nice looking restaurant could be this terrible. Has anyone else had our reaction?

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  1. I could not disagree more. My friend and I had a wonderful experience there. A chef in Manhattan recommended it to us. He told us this is where he eats when he is not at work so we tried it. I love this place and can't stress it enough.

    The decor/ambiance were excellent (minus the mirror behind the bar). I thought it was a little pricey, but more than worth it. The chips and salsa were very good when we were there.

    I had the Queso Flameado. The cheese was excellent The chorizio had a nice kick. The guacamole and tortillas that came with it were excellent too. My entree was an enchillada dish that was well seasoned and perfectly cooked. Also the sauce was incredible.

    My friend had the ostich tostadas appetizer. The ostrich was a perfect rare, great temperature. The goat cheese was amazing. She also had the Ensalata Verde with Chicken. The orange vinaigrette was great. The salad also had excellent warm goat cheese.

    Our server was very friendly and gave us the perfect amount of attention. Also the beers were not priced too high. I think a Negro Modelo was only 5 bucks.

    I can't recommend it enough.

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      I agree with you here, I've been several times and had lovely food during each visit!

      1. re: elizabeththinks

        same here, the scallop app was amazing. Maybe an off night?

    2. My boyfriend & I are regulars and have always had a good to great experience. Once in a while one dish isn't as fabulous as another and we are disappointed but nothing as described above.

      1. Went to Crema during the Spring and haven't been back because the service was so bad that all the food arrived at our table cold. What we ate good but clearly, it had remained in the kitchen for a while before being served. The table next to us wasn't cleared & reset until almost 1/2 an hour after the customers left.