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Nov 1, 2006 11:26 PM

Lunch in Stockton this Sunday?

Well, here we go again...Mom and I are headed to Stockton for the annual AAUW Home Tour. We've been doing this for about 15 years now but have yet to find a really great place for lunch. We've gotten stuck at everything from Mallards (over priced, bad food, slooooow service) to the golden arches. Mom hates fast food and any type of buffet. Ideally we'd love to find somewhere quick but good and tasty, like a cafe or diner. The tour takes us all over the lovely city of Stockton....this year even out to Lodi! Suggestions anyone?

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  1. The Waterloo Club in Waterloo has great ribs. The pesto pasta accompanying most dishes is really popular, though it's not my favorite. It's a fun, locals-only type of place, with good service.

    If you like sushi/Japanese food, try CoCoRo's (if they are open for lunch). Everything is VERY fresh. I like their agedashi (fried!) tofu and unagi (eel). They have a wide selection, too. It's a very chic place for lunch.

    1. In Stockton, there are several choices, depending on your mood and budget. The Waterloo (kind of dive-y, in a fun way) and Cocoro (Japanese 'bistro' fusion fare) are fine choices (disclaimer: the owners of Cocoro are friends of ours). If you're in the mood for dim sum, there's Dynasty Seafood Restaurant in Lincoln Center South (Benjamin Holt Drive at Pacific Avenue). Just across Benjamin Hold Drive, in Lincoln Center North is Bud's Seafood. If you're in the mood for brew pubs, Valley Brew (Adams Street just east of Pacific Avenue) is good, and the beer selections are very nice, too. Another option near Valley Brew and Cocoro is Alder Market (Alder Street just east of Pacific Avenue), but they may not be open for lunch on Sunday. If you really want casual, San Felipe Grill (Pacific Avenue between March Lane and Rosemarie Lane) is a nice dad can't get past their oyster tacos on the menu...he likes 'em so much, he's never tried anything else.

      Lodi also has some offerings, too. Wine and Roses Inn (Turner Road @ Lower Sacramento Road) gets rave reviews, although personally I think they're good but overpriced. Rosewood in downtown Lodi (Church & Elm?) is run by the same folks, but I think it's a better value (at least the last time I was's been several months, tho). The Woodbridge Inn and Woodbridge Feed & Fuel (Turner Road & Mokelumne(?) in Woodbridge, a 'suburb' of Lodi) are really good steak and chop places. Taste of Thai (Turner & Church) is very casual, but also very good...I dunno if they're open for lunch on Sunday, tho.

      The best ribs in the area are out in Clements, east of Lodi, on Highway 88 just north of Brandt Road. I don't remember the name of the place, but it's on the east side of the highway, before you get to the grocery store. It's REALLY casual, and they cook all their 'que in the huge pit parked in front.

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        A correction: The rib place is in LOCKEFORD, just north (east) of Brandt Road.

      2. Good suggestions, ricepad and sillyrabbit.

        When I go back home to the great Central Valley, Manny's California Fresh Cafe at Pacific and Harding is one of my favorite casual spots. Delicious sandwiches, salads, broasted chicken and thick fries, fried oyster sandwiches, fish and chips, and great burgers. You order at the counter, get a number, pick up your order and then sit in their wooden booths and tables.

        Manny's is quintessential Stockton. Three generations of my family grew up on their food. There used to be three locations and this is the last one left. As a little girl, I was enthralled by their fry cooks and loved to watch them make their burgers through the big window at their South side location. It's also located in one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Stockton, rich with Victorian and early 20th century architecture, and on the Miracle Mile, the first suburban shopping district in Stockton, dating from the 1920s. It's a very cute shopping street (Cocoro's is here too) and neighborhood, and the cafe is located across a historic school.

        Here's more info on Manny's, named to one of the 10 Best lists:,CA/Res...

        I also love Xochimilco's Cafe downtown for that real greasy, Stockton Mexican food experience I can't get in the Bay Area.

        1. I second it, CoCoRos - awesome and so very well done..Not just sushi either, excellent food!

          1. Oh I forgot, Stockton Joes too. Consistently good food.