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fresh natural turkey in brooklyn (uncooked)

in the past, i've ordered from staubitz but i was wondering if there are other suggestions. also...should i brine???

we're feeding 8 - how big a bird? (i haven't made tgiving dinner in a few years and am rusty on the whole bird-size thing.)

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  1. There was an article in Gothamist today you might be interested in:


    1. interesting article. but since i'm not going to spend $169 on my shipped heritage turkey (tho i want to, that's a bit steep for me)..where to get the next best thing in brooklyn? any of the vendors at the gap market or somewhere else? i've figured out i need a 16-18 lb turkey.

      1. Union Market may offer something. DiPola (I think that's the name) at GAP should be taking orders soon.

        1. For the past two years, I have purchased my bird from the turkey guy at the Grand Army Plaza Green Market. Is it Dapaulo's? Anyway, wonderful bird. But you should get your name on the sign-up sheet soon.

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            so here's a question. if you get the turkey at the farmer's market, do you have to put it in the freezer for a few days and then thaw it all out? farmer's market: sat./tgiving: thurs.

          2. I was at Applewood the other night and read that they're selling organic turkeys. Not sure how much.

            1. STAUBITZ is excellent, always reliable. Why would you even think of switching?

              1. Last year I got a turkey from Los Paisanos, the butcher shop on Smith Street around Bergen. It was really noticably great. I'm not absolutely sure what kind it was, but I think it may have been Murrays. I do remember that they had several fresh "premium" types to choose from, ranging from some super-expensive organic thing on down. In any case, it's a really nice old-fashioned butcher shop and if you haven't been there you might want to check it out. You place an order then pick up a day or so before Thanksgiving.

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                  Second Paisanos. My friend got hers there last year and it was delicious.

                2. park natural foods on court and union is also taking orders for organic turkeys.

                  1. the guy who brings the free range chickens to the red hook farmer's market also does turkeys for thanksgiving. i got one a couple of years ago and it was delicious and not outrageously priced. you have to order it ahead, but i think you can probably do that by calling.

                    stuabitz, as far as i know, sells bell and evans and some organic kind. the bell and evans turkey is tasty, but cheaper at the 5th ave key foods.

                    i haven't tried the paisano's turkey, but don't doubt that it's good and a better deal than staubitz. I only go to staubitz for beef, as i find everything else there way overpriced. but their newport steak--ah, i'd gladly pay a lot for that!

                    1. I second the recommendation for the turkey stand at the GAP Farmer's Market. It's actually frozen when you get it, and depending on the size, takes a few days to thaw out - so getting it on Sat and cooking it Thurs usually works out perfectly (especially if you brine it for 24+ hours).

                      1. If you have a friend at the Coop you might want to ask him/her to get you one. They give you a few options on organic turkeys. They're pretty good.

                        1. I think Back to the Land is also selling turkeys. I don't know how much a pound though.