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best Ramen on Sawtelle?

What's the best ramen-ya on sawtelle?

Domo Arigato!

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  1. ironically, it might be ramen-ya on olympic

    1. Can't remember the name off the top of my head, but the place next door to Sushi Tenn is very good. Better, as I recall, than Asahi Ramen.

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        I think you're talking about Chabuya.

      2. There's a new place next to Mizu 212 that imo is better than Asahi Ramen.

        1. 1. Long-time best: Ramen-ya, a few blocks west on Olympic. Solid, sort of homey. Definitive homemade chashu, terrific shrimp omelette, excellent cold noodles. Maybe a little bit Americanized, and not the most sophisticated ramen, but always immensely satisfying, in that can't-stop-drinking-the-bowl sense like at the end of the film "Tampopo."

          2. Coming up strong: Chabuya. Chabuya is more self-conscious, aiming for a more aesthetic and refined experience. This did not work too well at first. Consensus is the place has improved a lot over time
          (see this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...
          )and I do respect what they're doing there, but I have to say I have just not had the same ultimate sense of satisfaction when I've eaten there.

          3. Left behind:

          a. Asahi, which used to be premier, but seems deficient anymore compared to the above.

          b. One could say the same of Yokohama, and

          c. I never did like Kinchans much although the inside does sort of *look* like a steamy place you might find on a back street in a provincial Japanese town. Some folks argue for the superiority of the broth here but it just doesn't do much for me.

          1. Other than the sometimes saltiness of the broth, I think chabuya is by the best on sawtelle. I believe they have toned down the saltiness a bit.

            Ramen-ya and Asahi are really not very good compared to the Shinsengumis and Santoukas in So Cal.

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              Yeah, Chabuya, Ramen with SOUL...


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                I love Chabuya too, but it's always empty compared to Asahi Ramen. I think Chabuya just can't compete in terms of pricing and portion sizes. I like to go to Chabuya, eat their modest bowl of noodles, and have room for a side dish or a dessert later. But, invariably, I find myself eating at Asahi because everyone else wants to pay $3 less and have twice as much food.

                I don't dislike Asahi, I just resent the long wait and the fact that I always end up eating there. Grrr.

            2. Chabuya is 100% better than Asahi. Portion sizes are modest at Chabuya but all ingredients are fresh and made on site. Not packaged noodles.

              1. I also cast my vote for Chabuya! I like the total experience: the space is pleasant, the service is friendly, the potstickers are good, and I love their classic bowl with the added items -- seaweed and a marinated egg!

                Usually, I still have room for a dessert, either Beard Papa's or Lollicup or something at Nijiya, or...Ditty Reese or Bigg Chill or ... what a great city!

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                  What flavors are good at Bigg Chill? I tried the tart yogurt and strawberry. Frankly, I tossed it out after a few bites.

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                    Oh, sorry to hear that you didn't like it, Pei. I usually just get the - yawn - vanilla and choc. mixed...it's a pleasant, hot weather dessert without being too caloric and fatty. I must admit that I haven't been there in a couple of months, so I hope that they did not change their recipe. Give the regular a try and let us know if that is better than the tart.

                    Pei -- perhaps I am not the best judge because I am not a Pinkberry fanatic...it's ok, but I won't chase for it.

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                      I think--and this is very un Californian of me--I might just not like soft serve! It always tastes chemically and foamy to me. McD's is the worst offender.

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                        I SO understand! I think I don't like ice cream! (Whoops! Can I say that on this board????)

                2. I thought we were talking about ramen, but my Big Chill favorites are the Chocolate Custard and the Vanilla Custard. The yogurt consistency is more "airy/whip cream like" when it's custard flavors!

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                    Yes, we are talking ramen -- post-ramen!
                    Good to know about the custard...I will compare-taste next time!

                  2. go around the corner (olympic) and a couple blocks west to ramen-ya

                    1. went to Ramen-ya today for lunch...chasu ramen....great stuff! thanks all