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Nov 1, 2006 11:04 PM

El Bulli-type restaurants in Barcelona?

I got my reject letter from El Bulli 2 weeks ago, but want to dine at a similar establishment when I go to Barcelona next year. Any suggestions??

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  1. Not really. El Bulli is unique.
    But if you want 'way out' consider Moo. Or Espai Sucre (essentially a full meal of desserts).
    Or go to Girona for Can Roca (but if you go by train, you'll have to do lunch as the last train back is around 9:00).
    There are plenty of other fine restaurants, but most take a more conventional approach.

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    1. re: estufarian

      when you said "way out" do you mean distance-wise or food-wise? i've read that though el bulli is really incomparable, there are several places that kind of attempt to do the same thing. i am still hoping to be reconsidered at el bulli, but if to no avail, what would be the next best restaurant in barcelona or nearby areas? thanks!

      1. re: adelly

        I meant 'cutting edge' - but, of course, Can Roca qualifies under both interpretations.
        If you are looking for 'experimental' cuisine, the two I mentioned above do qualify - in contrast can Fabes (for example) is much more 'French' in style as are many Barcelona places (e.g. Abac). The situation is more exciting in Donostia (San Sebastian) but that's a long way from Barcelona (although we drove it in a (long) day).

        1. re: estufarian

          Don't drive straight to San Sebastien. There is so much Spain between there and
          Barcelona and you will miss it all.

          If you go to Girona (which you should) spend the night. Beautiful city. Other places to
          eat might be the little bar/cafe on the top of the hill across from the Cathedral for a
          coffee and something for breakfast. In the old jewish quarter is a little vegetarian
          restaurant called "La Polenta". Not only is it delightfully unique in carnivorous Spain,
          but it's very, very good.

    2. I loved the tasting menu at El Raco con Fabes, but it's a bit of a haul to get there.

      1. In response to estufarian:

        I put in my reservation for 2007 in on the 15th of October and I haven't gotten a 'yes' or a 'no' yet. Fingers crossed for 'yes'!

        1. Eat in www.cincsentits and the wonderful Alkimia and can Gaig

          1. I am visiting Barcelona for four days around New Year's. I am looking for the best in Barcelona since I will not have much time to travel while I am there. Any recommendations?

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            1. re: chaspat

              The best are Alkimia Cinsentints and Gaig. Do not go to Abac.