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Best Fried Chicken?

Kingfish Cafe? Ovio? Who has the best fried chicken?

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      1. Ezell's.
        (Their original recipe, to be exact)

        1. Well, I might have to say Ezell's.

          1. Well, as much as I do not wish to take issue with the thoughtful and heartfelt represenations of my esteemed colleagues, I must recommend Ezell's "spicy."

            Is there an echo in here?

            1. A friend of mine is a big fan of fried chicken. She swears the best in town (yes, even better than Ezell's) is at Flying Fish. I kid you not.

              1. at the risk of being attacked with piles of soft yeast rolls, i find ezell's to be rather heavy on their breading to the detriment of the meat. my favorite (and it is, sadly, merely the best of a limited list) is chicken valley in pike place market. btw, they have superb gizzards....

                1. Oh, that reminds me, Ezell's rolls are out of this world. We always order 6-8 for the two of us.

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                    I just discovered this site, hence the late bump.

                    Flying Fish does indeed have great fried chicken, but of course you're paying Flying Fish prices.

                    I've never been a big Ezell's fan. Believe it or not, the best fried chicken I've had in Seattle is at a run-down looking gas station at the corner of Jefferson and King. It's basically a gas station convenience store, but they do make & serve fried chicken.

                    I shutter to imagine the health code violations, but it tastes good.

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                      Heresy perhaps, but the chicken fried chicken at Hattie's Hat in Ballard is pretty amazing.

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                        in our searching, i regret to inform that jefferson and king is a non-existant intersection...

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                          According to Google maps, the interesection does exist. I'm not 100% positive that's the location, but I think it is. Next time I'm in Seattle I'll drive by to verify.

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                            my apologies and thanks for the map - i looked for KING STREET as Seattlites generally refer to your version as MLK

                    2. I, too, am a lifelong diehard Ezell's fan. But I've heard that the fried chicken at Kingfish is pretty amazing too. Has anyone tried it?

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                        It defiitely qualified as amazing. I mean, look at that color! We never actually inquired, but speculated that sugar in the coating was responsible for the amazing black color of Kingfish's fried chicken. It was gorgeous. The slaw wasn't bad either, but the bland, too-dry chicken ranked right up there with grocery delis for flavor and tooth.
                        So if you want a treat for the eyes, go Kingfish, but for the tastebuds, elsewhere.

                      2. I love the atmosphere at Kingfish, what a great space for a southern restaurant.

                        1. I think the fried chicken at Kinfish is over rated. I definitely think Ezell's is much better!

                          1. The Wellington, in Columbia City, has great fried chicken, and the mashed potatoes, country gravy, jalapeno corn muffins makes it all the more worth it. While your at it, the braised oxtails and peach cobbler are great too.

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                              Yeah, but you have a half hour wait for the fried chicken!

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                                I would hope that any of the "best" fried chicken would be the same. All that means is that they are cooking it to order.

                                And I agree, the Wellington has some pretty good fried chicken.