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Nov 1, 2006 10:52 PM

sushi in nyc

my kids went to sushi of gari in nyc and felt totally ripped off by the small portions and expensive bill...any suggestions for good sushi not outrageously priced....they are on the upper east side...

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      1. too bad they didnt appreciate sushi of gari; yes it's wildly expensive (especially the omakase) but to me it was worth every penny. It's another class of sushi. If they just want standard decent sushi, I agree with Sushi Hana, Poke Sushi, Ichiro, Gaiyumaru all on the UES.

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          Ichiro is our "cheap but good" sushi place. And I agree - it's too bad they didn't enjoy Gari - it is expensive, but the best items are ones not listed on the menu - you "find out" about them by ordering omakase, and then figuring out which ones you like, and then ordering them a la carte from then on. If they didn't do that, I highly recommend that they give it a try another time. When I see people there who've not been before, I always want to (and sometimes do) give them that recommendation. And, aside from the fried oyster roll, it's not the place for rolls, in my opinion.

        2. thanks for the resposes...they will have to try ordering the way....what is omakase????

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            Basically it means chef's selection, you are asking the chef to serve you whatever he thinks is best that day. At Gari it will not be cheap but many on CH love it. It is also best to communicate with the chef beforehand if there are any types of seafood you do not like; sometimes you get the most interesting (and delcious) stuff if you say ahead of time that you want to try unusual and different foods.

          2. be careful, if you are looking for less expensive, omakase at gari is
            not the way to go, though it is really good. omakase for two will run
            you close to $300 with drink, tax, tip. poke used to be really good but
            quality is down since the move. there are not that many good sushi
            places on the UES. I would suggest downtown (east village/gramercy), tomoe,
            hasaki, yama are all good and inexpensive, and only a short
            cab or subway ride away.

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            1. re: chundi

              I've never spent that much for two at Gari. They have a prescribed "chef's choice" menu item, which is an omakase. We do feel lucky if we get out for under $200 - usually a bit more with tax & tip. This is probably with 2-3 glasses or wine/basic sake a piece.

              I say this not to dispute chundi - it would be very easy to get to $300, just that it's possible to have this kind of meal w/o doing so.