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Nov 1, 2006 10:48 PM

Cheap dinner for group in Burlington, VT

I'll be dining with friends with mixed budgets Friday and Saturday night. Any recommendations for good but not pricey?

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  1. I've heard American Flatbread is great, although I've never eaten there myself.

    Leunig's is fantastic... they have a great Bistro menu which isn't too bad.

    Are you thinking downtown, specifically?

    Juniors in Winooski has dynamite Italian American food, with reasonable prices and large portions.

    Sauce in Shelburne is well-priced and is bistro-fare.

    For people who have never visited Burlington... or for folks who first move here... Sweetwaters on Church Street is very popular. Prices aren't bad, and the ambience is nice. Personally, I think the food is only so-so.

    Hope that helps!

    1. The Tuscan Kitchen has a wide menu from salads/sandwiches to higher end entrees. Juniors is good but service suffers on the weekends when they are busy. Hard to beat Rusty Scuffer in the price range. 5 Spice is a cool place too.

      1. Pacific Rim is good, very reasonable. Went there last week for the first time in a while and had some good soup and dumplings. I really like American Flatbread -- the salad is delicious and they have great beers and interesting toppings for the pizzas. Enjoy!

        1. I was going to recommend Pacific Rim as well. Good, cheap Thai food. I would NOT go to Sweetwaters. It was good in its day, but is really bad now IMO. Rusty Scuffer is really good if you want steak and/or seafood. Also, if you're in the mood for Italian, there's always Boves or Papa Franks in Winooski if you want to drive there. All of these are reasonably priced, good food.

          Not sure how many are in your party, but some of these places are on the small side, you might want to make a reservation or see if they can seat your party.

          1. This area needs more Papa Frank type places (decent food at great prices). Too many places charging $12.95 for ziti and meatballs. FOGITABOUTIT !